There’s Wrong and Then There Is WRONG

To The Editor:
Legislator Weatherup makes a statement that I was wrong in my letter about the Fulton sales tax allotment discussion meeting with the Finance and Personnel Committee.

In a past committee meeting Legislator Weatherup has said, “Why do we have to keep talking about something three or four times.”

Again, I will say that having a degree in education I learned that repeating a lesson over and over again is the best way to ensure even the most challenging learner will finally understand the lesson.

Taking a lesson from a former Republican  president, “ No Student left behind” I will again attempt to teach Legislator Weatherup in hopes that he will be able to comprehend the written lesson.

I never said that I disagreed with the sales tax allotment or his figures. What I tried to enlighten him with was the proper business procedures for presenting information at a business meeting.

Now was that wrong?

According to him it was.

The information he presented was more than likely from a year-end or budget expenditures and distributions.

The problem is that other than himself, he was maybe the only person in the room that had such information right in front of them.

He has been a legislator for more than three years at least. If he could try and remember that in every committee meeting whenever a department head brings information into a meeting to present he passes around a copy so everyone can be looking at the information.

Now he mentions that I use the word FOIL in an attempt to make something political and difficult when in fact I was just making a statement.

At times you have to ask for information that isn’t readily available and in order to obtain it even a legislator may have to FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) in order to obtain that information.

I had asked what the sales tax allotment prior to 2006 was between the county and the towns and villages.

Again I would like to thank Legislator Weatherup and also his fellow Legislator Walpole for keeping my name in the media and showing the people that someone is asking questions and trying to protect their tax dollars.

Keep up the good work.

So he says I was wrong; but you decide who was WRONG.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. D-District 25