Third Marking Period Career and Technical Education Honor Roll announced at CiTi

Students enrolled in career and technical education programs at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation who earned at least a 90 in their CTE class during the third marking period were named to the CiTi CTE honor roll by Principal Marla Berlin.

The following students, by district, earned the academic honor:

APW School District – Kevin Cronk, Auto Technology; Maryanne Farmer, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Erica Gardner-Tonnessen, New Vision Allied Health; Karley Hilton, Auto Body; Samantha Ingersoll, New Vision Allied Health; Mariah Johnson, Early Childhood Education; Jennafer Kennedy, Cosmetology; Jacob McRaney, Public Safety & Justice; Alexandra Mueller, Cosmetology & New Vision Specialized Careers; Meagan Oakes, Public Safety & Justice; Lindsay Rollson, Cosmetology; Leah Ruggaber, New Vision Allied Health; and Samantha Trumble, Cosmetology.

Central Square School District – Michael Backman, Heavy Equipment; Gary Baumbach Jr., Heavy Equipment; Mariah Betts, Cosmetology; Samantha Caskinette, Early Childhood Education; Nicole Fisch, Cosmetology; Gabryel Fortino, Public Safety & Justice; Benjamin Frymoyer, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Joshua Fuller, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Jordan Gass, Public Safety & Justice; Katherine Hanson, Cosmetology; Cassidy Hoffman, Culinary Arts; Jason Leon, Public Safety & Justice; Elizabeth Lobdell, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Kaleb McGill, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Desteny Moore, New Vision Law & Government; Amanda Morgan, Cosmetology; Erik Muench, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Giuseppe Nozzolillo, Auto Technology II; Brenna O’Neil, Public Safety & Justice; Amanda Picciott, Cosmetology; Haley Purdy, New Vision Law & Government; Kayla Richards, Early Childhood Education; Cheyanne Wilbur, Nursing Assistant, Certified; and Caleb Zehr, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology.

Fulton School District  – Destiny Boiko, Public Safety & Justice; Kara Bricker, New Vision Law & Government; Karli Bricker, New Vision Allied Health; Cameron Clarke, Digital Media Technology; Wesley Dennison, Construction Technology; Shelby Drake, New Vision Allied Health; Nathen Hulett, Digital Media Technology; Haley Hunsinger, Early Childhood Education; Jamie Johnson Jr., Public Safety & Justice; Lena Kimball, New Vision Allied Health; Allen LaPage, Digital Media Technology; Cheyenne Laun, New Vision Law & Government; Jake LeVea, Construction Technology; Kendyl Lutz, Cosmetology; Susan McRae, New Vision Specialized Careers; Tracie Murphy, Public Safety & Justice; Gage Parkhurst, Welding Technology; Alexander Poyneer, Public Safety & Justice; Brooke Ryan, Cosmetology; James Suphan, Digital Media Technology; Jackson Truong, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Kendra Tryniski, New Vision Specialized Careers; Quinn Webb, New Vision Specialized Careers; Michaela Whiteman, New Vision Allied Health; and Jennifer Young, Digital Media Technology.

Hannibal School District – Johnna Ball, New Vision Law & Government; Olivia Cacchione, New Vision Allied Health; Kristen D’Angelo, New Vision Allied Health; Tayler Dence, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Adam Dennison, New Vision Allied Health; Hailey Dunsmoor, Cosmetology; Tyler Emmons, Construction Technology; Katelyn Ernestine, Digital Media Technology; Allyson Hamilton, Cosmetology; Ashley Hatten, Public Safety & Justice; Rachel Herrmann, New Vision Allied Health; Robert Hillman, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Spencer Kenney, New Vision Law & Government; Kiandra Love, Computer Systems CISCO; James Nash, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Katelyn Perez, Early Childhood Education; Amanda Ryan, Cosmetology; Logan Scott, Heavy Equipment; Lindsey Wheeler, New Vision Law & Government; Amber Wise, Digital Media Technology; and Courtney Wise, Cosmetology.

Liverpool School District – Justin Breezee, Heavy Equipment.

Mexico School District – Trevor Allard, New Vision Allied Health; Alexa Ariola, New Vision Specialized Careers; Daniel Barsuch, Digital Media Technology; Khrysha Bednar, Welding Technology; Sara Birdsell, Public Safety & Justice; Kyle Bogart, Computer Systems CISCO; Shelby Buffham, Public Safety & Justice; Mary Buske, Early Childhood Education; Sarah Cherchio, New Vision Allied Health; Kourtney Clark, New Vision Allied Health; Alyssa Facteau, New Vision Specialized Careers; Evan Fischer, Computer Systems A+; Brooke Fralick, Cosmetology; Kathryn Gardiner-Rohling, Digital Media Technology; Hunter Gowans, New Vision Specialized Careers; Alicia Guzman, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Hill, Computer Systems A+; Patrick Howell, Digital Media Technology; Ezra Hulbert, Computer Systems A+; Kalen Hyde, New Vision Law & Government; Sydnee Julian, New Vision Allied Health; Titania Ladd, Digital Media Technology; Jacob Larrabee, Welding Technology; Kaitlyn Linerode, New Vision Allied Health; Tyler Mitchell, Digital Media Technology; Catrina Monroe, Cosmetology; Trever Morrell, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Emily Mullen, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Cody Myers, Public Safety & Justice; Travis Parkhurst, Public Safety & Justice; Jordan Price, Welding Technology; Cheyenne Ransier, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Kaitlynn Rice, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Miranda Shafer, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Stowell, Digital Media Technology; Bryannia Sutton, New Vision Allied Health; Jordan Twiss, Construction Technology; Joshua VanPatten, Public Safety & Justice; and Samuel Vaughn, Welding Technology.

Oswego School District – McKenna Bahner, Cosmetology; Zachary Bush, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Makayla Carson, Cosmetology; Christopher Chalifoux, New Vision Law & Government; Meredith Chesare, New Vision Allied Health; Alyson Conner, Culinary Arts; Patience Crawford, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Hollie Doyle, Cosmetology; Michael Edwards, New Vision Specialized Careers; Kellie Gorman, New Vision Allied Health; Carrie Kelly, New Vision Specialized Careers; Julie Keytack, Cosmetology; Bradley Lupien, New Vision Law & Government; Shanell Meyers, New Vision Allied Health; Jessie Murray, New Vision Allied Health; Kylie Pelkey, Cosmetology; Collin Pomerville-Miller, Pubic Safety & Justice; Allison Smith, New Vision Law & Government; Rebecca Victory, New Vision Allied Health; Jonathan Wall, Construction Technology; Kenna Wallace, Public Safety & Justice; Matthew Weller, Digital Media Technology; Anthony Wetzel, Digital Media Technology; Timothy Woodard, Public Safety & Justice; and Bradley Wyman, Construction Technology.

Phoenix School District – Rachel Dean, Cosmetology; Dylan Dewitt, Public Safety & Justice; Alexandra Dumont, Auto Body; Jeffrey Lawson, Public Safety & Justice; Gianna Migliaccio, Cosmetology; Billy Reeves, Public Safety & Justice; Zachary Scribner, Public Safety & Justice; Nathan Sims, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Stopher, Public Safety & Justice; and Alex Toole, Cosmetology.

Pulaski School District – Mackenzie Auclair-Judware, Cosmetology; Joseph Clark, Welding Technology; Jacklyn Foster, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Hunter Hilton, Public Safety & Justice; Ty Kranz, Construction Technology; Aleah LaFlamme, Digital Media Technology ; Max Lowery, Public Safety & Justice; Austin Monson, Computer Systems A+; Kaeleigh Paternoster, New Vision Allied Health; Jamie Russell, Cosmetology; and Jordan Turner, Early Childhood Education.

Sandy Creek School District – Emmalee Bulluck, Cosmetology; Sara Caster, Cosmetology; Brody Cooley, Digital Media Technology; Jacob Cornell, Digital Media Technology; Isaac Eisch, Public Safety & Justice; Alesha Phelps, Early Childhood Education; Morgan Ranieri, Cosmetology; CodiAnne Salzman, Early Childhood Education; and Jessica Williams, Public Safety & Justice.