Third Rescued Kitten Has Died

OSWEGO – “I am saddened to inform you that the third kitten is deceased,” Joe Stabb, executive director of the OCHS, said tonight (April 2).

The three kittens and their mother were rescued last week after the mother experienced complications during birth.

“The veterinarian has advised us that the reason is unknown,” Stabb said. “We supplemented the kitten’s food with the proper formula and the kitten was able to gain weight for a short period before beginning to decline.”

There is no way of knowing what went wrong, he added.

“Our animal services staff and the veterinarians have done everything they can to support the young felines,” Stabb said.

The mother cat is going to be fostered and available for adoption soon.

Fulton Animal Hospital has been indispensable to OCHS in providing resources and support for this cat family, according to Stabb.

“We also thank those in the community that have donated financial assistance to support our efforts,” he added, “These donations have helped us and your continued support is greatly appreciated.”

If anyone is interested in adopting the mother cat, adoption applications can be found on

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  1. So sad to hear. Cats brings us joy, love and keep our homes free of rodents. I certainly hope the mother makes a full recovery and finds a good home. She has been through a lot.

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