This Summer, Don’t Abandon The Books

By Senator Patty Ritchie
As the school year winds down, students are itching to get out of the classroom and dreaming of days spent having fun in the sun.

However, while the season might mean time off from school, it shouldn’t mean a break from the books.

It’s so important that throughout the summer months, students keep their minds sharp to avoid what’s commonly called “learning loss.”

Helping to ensure students stay on track is the New York State Senate Summer Reading Program.

This program, which is made possible through a partnership with the New York State Library is a fun and exciting way to keep students in fourth through sixth grades reading while on break from school during the summer months.

To participate, visit my website,

There, you’ll find a link to register for the program.

Once your child registers, I will supply the materials needed to take part in the program, including:

Appropriate reading lists and a listing of local public libraries

A reading journal for each child who participates and

Upon successful completion, a certificate and bookmark.

Those who are registered will also be able to create their own personal profile, record reading progress and share books they have read on Facebook.

For more details on the New York State Senate’s Summer Reading Program, please visit my website.
While it’s important to take a break and recharge during the summer months, it’s also critical for students to continue to keep their minds active.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or educator, I hope you’ll promote literacy and introduce students to the wonderful world of books by encouraging participation in the New York State Senate’s Summer Reading Program.