This Week’s Major Highway Travel Advisories

The New York State Department of Transportation is advising motorists of major road work scheduled for this week that may impact travel in Central New York:

Monday, November 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

I-690 Westbound: Reduced to one lane, right and center lanes closed approaching and crossing the bridge over Bridge Street, East Syracuse to facilitate bridge maintenance operations. Access to Exit 17 (Bridge Street) will be maintained.

Tuesday, November 17, thru Thursday November 19, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily:

Route 48 Southbound: Will be closed to all traffic between Genesee Street (Route 31/370) and Water Street, in the Village of Baldwinsville, to facilitate water main repair operations. Travel will be maintained throughout this period on Route 48 Northbound.

Route 48 Southbound Detour: West on Route 31/370 to Route 690 southbound, Route 690 southbound to first exit (Baldwinsville). At end of ramp turn left on Downer Street, proceed to Route 48.

Tuesday, November 17, and Wednesday, November 18, from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

I-81 Northbound: The right lane will be closed from the Butternut Street on-ramp to the Court Street on-ramp (on Sunset Ave) to facilitate finishing work under the new Court Street Bridge. Access to I-81 will be maintained from both ramps.

Continuous Projects – Onondaga County

*Culvert Replacement Operations: Monday, October 26 to Friday, November 20*

Route 174 Northbound and Southbound: Road closed in both directions just north of the intersection of Coon Hill Road, in the Town of Marcellus. A signed off-site detour will be used to bypass the construction area as follows:

From southbound Route 174: Right turn onto Route 20, left onto Rickard Road, left onto Coon Hill Road, right onto Rose Hill Road, left onto Coon Hill Road back to Route 174 South.

From northbound Route 174: Left turn onto Coon Hill Road, right onto Rose Hill Road, left onto Coon Hill Road, right onto Rickard Road, right onto Route 20 back to Route 174 North.

*Bridge Replacement Operations, now through approximately November 30*

I-81 Northbound and Southbound: Left lane and right shoulder closed in both directions, approaching and passing under the Bartell Road Bridge, Brewerton. Additional lane and ramp closures are possible on a daily basis as needed.

*I-690 Retaining Wall Rehabilitation Project until through December 31.*

I-690 Westbound: Exit 11 (West Street) will be closed to all traffic.

I-690 Westbound Exit 11 (West Street) Detour: Proceed I- 690 west to Exit 10 (Geddes Street), turn left on Geddes Street to I-690 east ramp, proceed on I-690 east to Exit 11 (West Street).

*I-690 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, now through December 10*

I-690 Interchanges at Exit 14 (Teall Avenue), Exit 15 (Midler Avenue), Exit 16/17 (Thompson Road–Bridge Street) and ramps to and from I-481, both directions: Depending on contractor operations and weather conditions, work may be going on at any of these ramps daily between 9 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. according to the following two provisions stipulated within this project’s contract:

1) Both the on- and off-ramp of a given interchange may be closed at the same time.

2) Consecutive on-or off-ramps in the same direction of travel (at successive interchanges) may not be closed.

*New Sidewalk, Curbing and Crosswalk Installation*

Route 930B (West Street Arterial) Northbound and Southbound: Various lane closures in the vicinity of Fayette Street (south of Route 5 West Genesee Street, Syracuse) now through Friday, November 20.

*(Winter) Seasonal Speed Limit*

Route 370 Eastbound and Westbound (Onondaga Lake Parkway Section): Seasonal speed limit is in effect now through April 1, 2010, reduced “from” 55 m.p.h. “to” 45 m.p.h.

Continuous Projects – Cortland County

*Highway Reconstruction and Bridge Deck Repairs*

I-81 Southbound at Exit 11: Right lane closed continuous for bridge repairs now through November 21.

I-81 Northbound at Exit 10: Right lane closed continuous for joint repairs now through November 21.

Continuous Projects – Oswego County

*Pavement and Drainage Repairs*

Route 104B: Alternating single lane closures, both directions of travel, with one way single lane traffic controlled by flaggers to facilitate pavement repairs, between Route 104 and Route 3, daily 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. now through November 20.

*I-81 Bridge Repair Operations*

I-81 Southbound Mainline: Right lane closed approaching and crossing over the bridge over the Barge Canal/Oneida Lake Outlet, reducing travel to 2 lanes until further notice.

I-81 Northbound: Left lane closure which has been in place under the Bartell Road bridge replacement project has been extended to the area crossing the bridge over the Oneida Lake Outlet, reducing travel to 2 lanes until further notice.

As part of the NYSDOT’s ongoing commitment to the traveling public and to those living and working near its various roadway improvement efforts it is suggested that you check or dial 511 for updated information on roadwork projects.