Thom Benedetto for Family Court Judge

To The Editor:

As a former foster parent of 20 years, I have been involved with the Family Court system though working with foster children placed in my home by the Oswego County Department of Social Services.

The first 10 years experiences as a foster parent I experienced an environment which I felt the foster parents, biological parents, caseworkers, lawyers and judges all worked together to come to positive and best interest resolution for the children involved.

In my last 10 years as a foster parent my experiences fell very short of being positive.

Over the last 10 years, I felt as if the foster parents and in many cases the caseworkers were actually treated as incidental by the current standing judge to the entire system of care of the foster children.

Rather than being treated as an integral part in regards to the care of and plan for the foster children placed in our home, I felt as if I was looked at as an unnecessary part of the system by the judge.

It is my hope and desire to see a positive change to this system with the current opportunity to elect a new judge and bring that system back to a point where everyone is looked at and respected as a necessary part of the plan for these children in care.

I truly believe that Thom Benedetto is the person with the knowledge, understanding and compassion to make this positive change.

His many years of education and experience as a member of the Family Court systems; history of working effectively with all members of the system and raising his own family gives me the comfort level to believe he is the person to make that change.

My hope is that the voters of Oswego County can come together and place their endorsement with Thom Benedetto.


Reverend Brenda Weissenberg
Former Oswego County Foster Parent
Current Treasurer for the Foster Adoptive Parent Association of Oswego County Inc.