Thompson: Let The People Decide, Not the Committee

To The Editor:

As a Republican candidate for the District 15 seat on the Oswego County Legislature, I was invited to attend the Oswego City Republican Committee endorsement meeting.

My opponent, Nathan Emmons, is a committee member as is Mayor Billy Barlow and council members Shawn Walker, John Gosek Jr., and Robert Corradino.

Other committee members include Nicholas Canale, Melissa Hoefer, William Hoefer, Kevin Hill, Jeff Holbrook, Matthew Brancato, Henry Babcock, Vinnie Dement, James Bell, Matt Bacon, John Connors, Edward Myers, Carol Reed, George Reed, Denise Constanza, Pam Palmer, Rikki Walker, Christina Chanberlain, Mike Todd, Thomas Flett, Miles Becker, Michael Myers, Laurie Mangano Cornelius, Alan Wood, Jay Scanlon, David White, Tracie Flett, Jennifer Cook, Joanne Bateman and Georgiana Mansfield.

Only a handful of members were present, so the committee waived their bylaws to allow proxy votes.

In other words, members who may not know the candidates and who weren’t present to hear them speak to the issues, were allowed to vote for who they felt would best represent the constituency.

For those committee members present, they heard each candidate speak for five minutes. Committee members could then ask questions of the candidates for five minutes.

In ten minutes’ time (less for my interview) members were purportedly able to determine who is the better candidate.

As an investigative reporter for The Valley News, I covered county government for 23 years. I know how each department operates, I keep up to date on the issues, understand the budget, and I know what works and where government can do better.

Mr. Emmons doesn’t even have a year and a half on city council under his belt, and no other noted experience with government, yet the committee members felt he was the most qualified.

I knew going in that the committee would endorse my opponent, and they did.

After all, he’s one of them.

I did, however, ask that they not endorse and leave it to the voters to decide who should hold the line in November.

I respectfully ask that Mr. Emmons decline the endorsement and allow the residents of the 15th District to decide.

Do what’s right, unlike the committee, and respect the will of the people.

When you take the voice from the people, you cannot be the voice of the people.


Carol Thompson
Oswego, NY 13126


  1. As I no a longer reside in NY my comment can be taken either way. But I still have a lot of family and friends back there in the ground and above the ground. I see some things have not changed. When another Republican challenges the incumbent you have a primary run off period. Not some committee making the decision. Let the people decide who they want to represent them. Not the elitists. Carol my advice is run independent. Yes I do know Carol.

  2. Funny thing is I thought Carol was a Democrat all these years. She was highly critical of the Republicans in all her stories.

  3. No, Old-timer, not a Dem and I was not critical. I reported the facts. Perhaps you have no problems with an employee of the county clerk’s office double dipping or creating non-civil service positions for those who can’t score high enough on a test to gain employment. I could go on and on.

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