Three New Faces To Be On Fulton Common Council

sign that says Municipal Building
Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – During Election Day, the people of Fulton voted out the Common Council incumbents for the  2nd, 4th and 5th wards.

In the 2nd Ward, Douglas Chapman (R) won with 91 votes against opponents Incumbent David Ritchie (C) and Ernesto Garcia (D), who won 77 and 81 votes respectively.

John Kenyon (C) beat 4th Ward Incumbent Samuel Vono (R) with 210 votes; Vono won 165 votes.

Kenyon said he is excited to work with the rest of the council and is anxious to get to work after Jan. 1. He said the past few months has opened his eyes to the rest of the ward while he went door to door, and there are things that he can help to move along.

“All in all, it’s quite a learning process and I think I underestimated the work involved, but I certainly don’t regret it,” Kenyon said.

Vono said he respects Kenyon for telling him in person he would be running against him this election.

“That is the type of man that I will gladly hand over the chair that I’m sitting in right now when Jan. 2020 arrives,” Vono said. “I admire and respect any individual who has the nerves, the will and energy to step up to plate and swing for the fence to hit a home run for our city… I will continue to be an advocate for our City of Fulton in any way that I can”

After narrowly losing the last election with absentee ballots, Audrey Avery (R) beat 5th Ward Incumbent Dennis Merlino (D) with 224 votes; Merlino won 181 votes.

“I feel like I can do a great job,” Avery said. “I’m going to do everything that I can for my neighborhood, for my ward and the city… Things are looking up. I think things are going to be moving forward quickly after Jan. 1.”

Avery said it has been a long road with many ups and downs and thanks the Republican Committee, the Conservative Committee, her husband, her friends and family, her constituents, Mayor-Elect Deana Michaels and Towpath Towers for their support throughout the campaign.

“Congratulations to my opponent on her victory. I wish Fulton the greatest success,” Merlino said. “I hope my opponent now follows through on her promises to keep the public informed, to save Sharp’s Pond, to replace the sidewalks, curbs, and aging infrastructure in our 5th Ward, and I hope she will now  support the organizations that make Fulton great.”

First Ward Councilor Tom Kenyon (C), 3rd Ward Councilor Don Patrick, Jr. (D, C), and 6th Ward Councilor Lawrence Macner (D, R, C) all ran uncontested and retained their seats.

Absentee ballots have not been taken into consideration yet, so the results are subject to change.

There will be a Common Council meeting tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building court room.

Oswego County Today is waiting for the rest of the candidates to respond with their thoughts at this time and will update this article as they get back to us.


  1. How can chapmam get this position…he is a full time camper ..wont have time for all the city’s needs…second ward suit up its gonna be a rough road..glad to see the change but it was the wrong name…i know way more than i need to know about Chapman…if you wanna know ask me …i even can prove my knowledge of him….

  2. I think Doug Chapman will do a great job I have known him sense he was a baby and
    I have known his mother and father longer he will do just fine. He will work hard just give him a chance before you go knocking him down.

  3. I have known Doug Chapman sense he was born and I have knowing his father and mother all my life he will do a good job give him a chance deserves that much.

  4. I know Doug cares about this City and his neighborhood, as a small business in the 2nd ward we are proud to have him! He will do a great job

  5. This is where the rubber meets the road! The issues are prevalent, the concerns have been voiced, and circumstances as well as offenders are known. The troops were rallied and support was extended. Let’s start at ground zero and clean it up! Actions and not words Council and Mayor! Plans and action, not excuses. Enforcement and accountability. Congrats Audrey, make the ENTIRE 5th Ward proud and a shining example for positive change.

  6. Oh, Mr. Merlino? Thanks for not returning my phone call. The issues affecting me and several other 5th Ward residents werent important enough for you to assist with because we dont live in your part of the Ward and were outside of your 3 foot world. The job is clearly not self-serving. Guess what? We collaborated, discussed, assembled and voted!

  7. “5th Ward Watchmen and his taxpaying neighbors!”, thank you for losing $1.000.000 of taxpayer money. You should be paying more attention to your own work. You spent a year trying to get a woman councilor, at the cost of your work. Now we’re all stuck with the bill for your inattention. You stuck us with the tab for your $1,000,000 clerical error. That one is all on you and your distractions in politics. You should have been doing your job. You messed up bad.

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