Three People Arrest on Forgery Charges

Fulton Police cleared up a nearly year-old case of stolen checks with three arrests this week.

The department alleges that on February 24, 2009, someone stole the personal checks of another person.  Within a month, six of the stolen checks had been cashed at local banks.

Police believe Damian R. Carvey of 360 Park St., Fulton stole the checks and worked with two other people to cash them.  He was charged with 18 misdemeanors: 6 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument; 7 counts of petit larceny; and 5 counts of conspiracy.

Also charged were Ella Smith of 610 Buffalo St., Fulton and Matthew C. Spaulding of 221 Seneca St., Fulton.  Smith was charged with four counts each of the three misdemeanors while Spaulding was charged with one count of each.  They were ticketed and released.  They are due in court on February 11.

Carvey was arraigned in Fulton City Court and is due to return on March 10.