Tim Conners Visits Rotary

FULTON – Fulton Rotarian Steve Osborne introduced Tim Conners, “the boy from next door.”

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Steve Osborne, left, and Tim Conners.

Tim is a G. Ray Bodley product and his story has become a motivational tool for our community and beyond.

In his sophomore year or so at GRB, Tim came face to face with leukemia.

His brother was the match that saved Tim’s life with a bone marrow transplant.

However, in the battle to save his life, he lost his sight; and, for a time his direction and purpose.

Initially he was wheelchair bound and without sight.

It was during this time of darkness he discovered there is hope and it is real.

Even after 100 days in the hospital, being fed with IVs and then recovery and therapy, he discovered, “What is in you can be stronger than what is in your way.”

Though he missed a year in high school he was able to graduate on time and then he went to Ithaca College and maintained a 3.98 GPA with a communications major.

It was there on the first day he decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

The day after he graduated, he and his team left for the mountain.

He is determined to live life fully and determined to encourage his listeners and readers to do the same.

Tim has authored books and has a website: M.Timpossible.com

The story of how he conquered his adversities and disabilities is a powerful story that is still unfolding.

Check out his story online and consider how you can benefit from the lessons learned or share them with another who is discouraged.

“Hope is a big thing. But hard to see. Sight and vision are not the same thing,” Tim said.