Time To Find The Snow Shovels

OSWEGO, NY – Maybe it’s not looking a lot like Christmas yet.

But, it’s not for a lack of trying.

Old Man Winter made his presence known Wednesday afternoon, spitting wet snow across much of Oswego County.

In most places, it turned to piles of slush. In some places, however, its accumulated nearly an inch or so.

“We received just a trace,” said Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. “Our precipitation has been lagging way behind all year, and now our snowfall total is starting out below average.”

The area has seen just a trace of the white stuff.

On average, October receives 0.4-inch of snow and November gets 9.1 inches.

“There’s been some snow sticking in places like Fair Haven and Fulton, but nothing really around Oswego,” Gregway said.

In Fulton, 1.25 inches stuck to the ground Wednesday, according to John Florek who has been keeping tabs on the city’s weather for decades.

“Normally, through Nov. 7 we have 1.2 inches. So we’re pretty much on target,” he said. “Last year, we had 3 inches.”

While there are a lot of zeroes, he added that the most snow through Nov. 7 was 6.25 inches in 1993.

Oswego’s last measurable snowfall was 5.8 inches on April 16; the same day Fulton got blasted with 9 inches.