Timmy J Smokes The Bud Light Supernationals Field at Oswego

Oswego, NY – Independence, Ohio’s Timmy Jedrzejek won his second Oswego Speedway Bud Light Super Nationals Friday coming up through a tough, tough supermodified field. Jedrzejek, who had the fastest time trial of the 33 cars on hand, was inverted back to twelfth place starting spot for the 50-lapper. He faced 11 of the toughest competitors from the ISMA-MSA organizations ahead of him. Picking his way up through the field, he finally got by a strong-running Lou Cicconi in traffic on lap 35. Two more yellows before race end allowed the field a shot at him, but it never materialized. The win was his first Supernationals with the Craig Reed Racing 8 and his third overall winged Oswego win.

Timmy described his race. “The car was good. Obviously we set it up to be good by qualifying number one. But that puts you back in a tough spot back in twelfth. I think early on in the race I wasn’t quite sure what we had. I was trying to bide my time. The motor was close to overheating there at the end. I was just trying to make it through. It was a great race. I hope the fans enjoyed it. I know I certainly did.

“You are racing against 11 great drivers in front of you and you think, ‘how in hell are you ever going to do this?’ For some reason tonight it all worked out. We had a great car and it handled great to the end. The power was good. What can I say? Brian (Allegresso) and Butch Valley built a heck of a car for us. It was just our job to get it here tonight. This was a special one. The last time I won here I started on the pole. Tonight I thought about that half way through and I knew I’d have to really work for this one. The big luck tonight was Louie hanging onto his car when I hit him coming off of four and he gathered it up. I backed off a little because I didn’t know if I tore my nose wing. If he hadn’t held onto that both cars would have been on the wrecker.

“There were a lot of great MSA and ISMA competitors that came to one place and race together. It couldn’t have been any better. I’d like to thank PPG and the Vibrance Collection for all their support, Enerco and Mr. Heater and all the guys on the crew.”

Lou Cicconi, who started fifth and had to chase Gene Lee Gibson and Dave McKnight for most of the 20 laps, before gaining the lead, finished in the runner-up spot, a career best at Oswego for the talented Aston, PA driver.

“The car was good all night but when it came to traffic the air off the other cars was making my car push on exit. It was really hard to maneuver. I’ll tell you what this is the best we’ve ever done here. It really wanted to win but TJ earned it. He got me in traffic. I got into it a little too hot and got sideways there. It was the first time I went high since I had gotten the lead. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but we figured it out. It was a good race. These guys are all fast.”

A guy who was no stranger to top Oswego finishes but who had been absent from the scene for a while, Russ Wood, ran to a third place.

“It’s good to be back here,” said Russ. “I love coming to Oswego. It’s been since ‘05 maybe since I’ve run here. We were okay today. We struggled a little in the day. The car was good but just not the best. It was a tough race. We finished where we started which is good against these guys. It was a tough battle and we’ll take the third.”

Time trials, heats and a consi, set the 26-car starting field with Gene Lee Gibson and Danny Lane leading the field to green. Gibson immediately took the lead and would hold it through several yellows, one for Matt Palmer, who rejoined the field and one for the Jeff Locke 37, who did not.

Gibson had Dave McKnight, who was celebrating his 50th birthday Friday, and Lou Cicconi bearing down on his 0 almost from the beginning. Sorting out behind the top three were Russ Wood, Mike Lichty, Jedrzejek, Dan Lane, Bob Magner, Bentley Warren, Charlie Schultz and Chris Perley.

On lap 18 Gibson hit some heavy and fast traffic, and the gap he had on McKnight and Cicconi evaporated. As Gibson was about to put the 09 of Jack Smith down a lap, Cicconi seized the opportunity to get under both the 94 and 0 for the lead.

Lap 22 bunched the field when yellow dropped for the Magner 41. One lap later a double incident occurred which saw Rich Reid hit heavily in turn four while 4 cars jumbled in turn one. Reid went off on the hook and the others – Lane, Timmons, Ice and Burch all were restarted and regained their spots in the field because they had secondary spins to the Reid yellow. Burch, however, would pit sending him the rear.

Cicconi took off on the restart but Timmy J utilized the time to get by both McKnight and Gibson to put his 8 in second. Russ Wood also got by McKnight to claim fourth on the next circuit. On lap 25, McKnight’s teammate Mike Lichty exited the race out of sixth.

For the next eight laps all eyes were on the seasoned veteran Cicconi and Timmy J as the two pulled away for their own battle up front. Gibson Wood, McKnight, Perley and Schultz ran behind.

The leaders approached the tail of the field on lap 34 and anticipation mounted. Cicconi made a high move and Timmy J went low, coming out with the lead.

Gene Lee’s masterful run went sour on lap 39 when the third place running 0 came around in the fourth turn with the pack narrowly missing him as he sat. Russ Wood was almost a victim here. “It was a scary moment there when Gene Lee got loose and spun. Luckily he didn’t roll down and I was able to squeeze by. I got lucky there,” said Wood of the mishap.

A lap car provided a cushion for Jedrzejek for the next 11 laps and he was able to pull away from the second place Cicconi. Even a bone-jarring hit by Jamie Timmons, which caused a lap 45 slowdown, couldn’t really deter Jedrzejek, although it put Cicconi right on his tail. Lou and Wood got by the lap car on that restart, but just couldn’t muster the speed to catch the high-flying Ohio man. Cicconi, Wood, Perley and McKnight crossed under the double checkers more than a couple car lengths behind. With points issued by both clubs, Jedrzejek strengthened his point lead for MSA and added another win to maintain his lead on the MSA all-time point list with 21.

Perley, who has been sorting out some minor car problems of late, commented, “We’re obviously still a little bit off. I didn’t feel right after the heat. We could have left it alone and maybe had it or maybe didn’t. But we came here to try and win and so we figured we’d try something else. It didn’t work out. I wasn’t getting better out there; the people were coming to me. I just tried to maintain. We were loose from the drop. I thought about pitting on that early caution but the track wasn’t in good enough shape to come up through. So I said I’ll just stick with what I got because I’m stuck with what I got now. The track was pretty gnarly up top. There was no outside groove where you could kind of pick away here and there on the restarts. We plugged away and ended up with a top five. It’s good, but Timmy J smoked ‘em and that was cool to see. Thanks to Eddie Shea who was here today and all my other sponsors for supporting us.”

McKnight, too, admitted to just not having the car to beat the guys in front of him. “It was a solid run by the Patco team. They did a good job. We were a top ten car tonight. We just didn’t have it. The car was a little pushy, a little loose. All in all it was solid. We’ll take the fifth and go on to All-Star and Thompson and see what happens.”

Tim Ice, Charlie Schultz, Trent Stephens, Bentley Warren and Mark Sammut finished up the top ten.

Notes: Robbie Summers was taken to Oswego Hospital after a hard hit into the wall in the first heat. He was being checked over for neck and back pains. Summers was also involved in a pileup on Thursday night in the Whelen Mod Tour Thompson event… Steve Miller’s 16 and Bobby Haynes Jr. suffered mechanical problems in warm-ups and had to pack up before time trials…Bob Bond, still recuperating from an earlier crash, turned over the driving chores of the 25 after still experiencing some foot pain in warm-ups…Joey Scanlon had a tire come off his 15, which ended his day…Cicconi also competed with the ATQRMA midgets, a group he has raced and won with for many years.

Summary Sept. 4, 2009 Bud Light Super Nationals

Time Trials: Jedrzejek 15.201, Perley 15.229

Top 12 time trialers inverted into 3 heats.

Heat 1 (7 qualify, top 4 inverted to feature by their time trials): Dave McKnight, Bentley Warren, Jeff Locke, Gene Gibson, Tim Ice, Randy Burch, Rich Reid, Larry Lehnert, Rob Summers

Heat 2: Lou Cicconi, Chris Perley, Danny Lane, Mike Lichty, Mark Sammut, Jeff Abold, Jack Smith, Bob Dawson, Denny Fisher, Matt Palmer

Heat 3: Bob Magner, Russ Wood, Timmy Jedrzejek, Charlie Schultz, Joe Gosek, Jamie Timmons, Trent Stephens, Jeff Holbrook, Ben Seitz, Lou LeVea Sr., Dave Duggan

Consi (3q): Bobby Dawson, Denny Fisher, Jeff Holbrook, Ben Seitz, Larry Lehnert, Lou LeVea Sr., Matt Palmer, Dave Duggan

Bud Light Super Nationals 50: 1. Timmy Jedrzejek (8), 2. Lou Cicconi Jr. (10), 3. Russ Wood (29), 4. Chris Perley (11), 5. Dave McKnight (94), 6. Tim Ice (77), 7. Charlie Schultz (7), 8. Trent Stephens (19), 9. Bentley Warren (71), 10. Mark Sammut (78), 11. Ben Seitz (88), 12. Dan Lane (9), 13. Jeff Abold (05), 14. Jeff Holbrook (35), 15. Bobby Dawson (28), 16. Bobby Magner (41), 17 Jack Smith (09), 18. Jamie Timmons (27), 19. Gene Lee Gibson (0), 20. Randy Burch (49), 21. Mike Lichty (84), 22. Rich Reid (55), 23. Matt Palmer (21), 24. Joe Gosek (25), 25. Jeff Locke (37), 26. Denny Fisher (81).