Timmy Sears Jr Wins First Ever Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series Event At Brewerton Speedway In Dominating Fashion

By Dave Medler

BREWERTON, NY – Two seasons ago, 17 year old Timmy Sears Jr. was getting his first experience in an open wheel dirt car in the Novice Sportsman class at the Fulton Speedway, winning the track title. Last Saturday at Fulton, Sears won his first ever Fulton feature triumph in the DIRTcar Sportsman division. Friday night at Brewerton Speedway, Sears bested a field of 42-Sportsman that signed in the Brewerton pits, picking up his first ever Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series Event on Chandler Automotive / Robert Keller Insurance NIght. Sears led the entire 40-lap distance, it was anything but easy as he had to hold off race long pressure from Sammy Reakes IV and a late race charge from Mark Olmstead Jr. to land in victory lane. Other winners on Chandler Automotive/Robert Keller Insurance Night were Kevan Cook in the 20-lap Xtreme Auto Recovery IMCA Modifieds, Tim Devendorf in the 20-lap Beaver River Distribution ESDCA Mod Lites, and Chuck Powelczyk in the 15-lap Tired Iron Repair 4-Cylinder Super Stocks.

“It wasn’t easy,” said a ecstatic Sears after exiting his Total Site Development No.83x Bicknell. “I don’t know how I did it. This is the biggest win of my career.”

On the initial start of the 40-lap DIRTcar Sportsman Feature, the yellow quickly flew for an incident involving Earl Rudy and James Spano. Spano saw his night end before a lap was completed, Rudy rejoined the field at the tail. With the field back in their original starting spots, Series point leader Chris Raabe and Sears brought the 30-car down to the green flag, with Sears grabbing the early advantage.

On lap-5, Sears and Sammy Reakes IV set the pace running nose to tail, Raabe, Mark Olmstead and Ryan Susice showed in the top-five running order. The yellow would fly on lap-11 for a three-car tangle in turn two. Dan Weisner suffered the worst damage as he was towed to the pits ending his run.

Just as the field got back up to speed, one lap later, lap-12 a wild shuffle happened in turn-one. Involved was, Brandon Sweet, Dave Marcuccilli, Matt Hulsizer, Jipp Ortiz, Jeremy Pitcher and Justin Wright. After some work by the safety and tow truck crews, all cars rejoined the race. When the race reached lap-15, Sears, Reakes and Susice ran nose to tail, a few car lengths back Olmstead and Raabe tried to close to the gap.

At the halfway point the top-four stayed the same with Jordan Bennett moving into a top-five spot.

Out of turn four a marker tire would find its way onto the racing surface brining out another caution on lap-twenty-two. Two more yellow flags would fly on the same lap restart. First for a spinning Claude Hutchings Jr., then another spin for Kevin Ridley.

When the field got back up to speed only two-laps would be run before another caution period. Marcus Dinkins slowed exiting turn-two causing the field to scatter. Everyone made it by except for Jeremy Pitcher, Pitcher clipped the Dinkins machine causing severe front end damage.

Point leader Chris Raabe would bring out the final caution of the race on lap-28 for a flat. Raabe would return laps down finishing twenty-second. Over the last 12-laps Sears put it in over drive out running Olmstead to the checkers. Greg Panute (Hard Charger Of The Race) came from 21st to finish third. Reakes and Suscie rounded out the top-five.

When asked how he got so good so young, Sears responded, “It must be in my genes,” Sears Father, Timmy Sears is a Big Block Modified driver (who has multiple Sportsman wins and track titles) and his Uncle Tommy Sears is the 2008 Fulton Speedway Big Block Modified Champion.

Jerry Beck led the opening 2-laps of the Xtreme Auto Recovery 20-lap IMCA Modified Feature before Tony Buffa using the top of the speedway exiting turn-four took command of the race on lap-three. Just before halfway the yellow would fly erasing the comfortable lead Buffa enjoyed on the rest of the pack. Kevan Cook and Jerry Courcy would get by Buffa at halfway setting up a great battle for the win. As the laps clicked off Cook was first under the checkers for his sixth win of the year. Courcy, Jerry Beck, Rob Keller and Calvin Painter would round out the top-five.

In the Beaver River Distribution 20-lap ESDCA Mod Lite Feature, Rookie Nick Graziano led the opening 2-laps before seventh starting Tim Devendorf grabbed the lead. Over the remaining 12-laps, Rocco Leone would get close to Devendorf, but could find enough speed to get by. Devendorf has five-wins on the season and lengthens his point lead. Rocco Leone, Doug Williams, Andrew Schartner and Justin Crisafulli rounded out the top-five.

Chuck Powelczyk took over the lead on lap-5, and went on to win the 15-lap Tired Iron Repair 4-Cylinder Super Stock Main. Stephen Denton, Matt Wetterer, Jessica Herbert and Randy Knight completed the top five.

Next Friday Night July 10, the ASCS Patriot Sprints will be coming to the “D-Shaped Dirt Demon”. Joining the Sprints will be the Xtreme Auto Recovery IMCA Modifieds, Beaver River Distribution ESDCA Mod Lites and the Tired Iron Repair 4-Cylinder Super Stocks. Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:30.

For more information please go online to www.brewertonspeedway.com. The track office number is 315-668-6906 with the race line reached at 668-RACE. Free parking and overnight camping are once again being offered.



FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009

(Mr DIRTcar Sportsman Series 40-laps) – Timmy Sears Jr., Mark Olmstead Jr., Greg Panute, Sammy Reakes IV, Ryan Susice, Jordan Bennett, Eric Giguere, Alan Fink, Mike Fowler, Jim Johnstone, Adam Turner, Mark Chiddy, Jipp Ortiz, Brandon Sweet, Dave Marcuccilli, Matt Billings, Matt Hulsizer, Luke Whittaker, Justin Wright, Claude Hutchings Jr., Earl Rudy, Chris Raabe, B.J. Willard, Marcus Dinkins, Jeremy Pitcher, Kevin Ridley, Ben Wheeler, Dan Weisner, A.J Kingsley, Jim Spano. (DNQ)- John Pietrowicz, Gregg Kimball, Beth Schneider, Chuck DeMott, Andrew Ferguson, John Wilbur, Joe Gwilt, Rich Townsend, Chris Hile, Dana Aikens, Rick Rogala, Jon Tesoriero.

(Lap Leaders) – Timmy Sears Jr. – 1-40

(Cautions) – Lap-1, Lap-11, Lap-12, Lap-22, Lap-22, Lap-22, Lap-24, Lap-28.

(Heat-1) – Sammy Reakes IV, Ryan Susice, Earl Rudy, Jipp Ortiz, A.J. Kingsley, John Pietrowicz, Gregg Kimball, Chuck DeMott, Beth Schneider.

(Heat-2) – Tim Sears Jr., James Spano, Jordan Bennett, Matt Hulsizer, Ben Wheeler, Mark Chiddy, Adam Turner, Dana Akins, Rick Rogala.

(Heat-3) – Brandon Sweet, Claude Hutchings Jr., Justin Wright, B.J. Willard, Andrew Ferguson, Joe Gwilt, John Wilbur, Kevin Ridley.

(Heat-4) – Mark Olmstead Jr., Chris Raabe, Alan Fink, Matt Billings, Jeremy Pitcher, Marcus Dinkins, Mike Fowler, Jon Tesoriero.

(Consi-1) – Greg Panute, Luke Whittaker, A.J. Kingsley, Mark Chiddy, Adam Turner, Rich Townsend, Dana Aikens, Andrew Ferguson, Joe Gwilt, Rick Rogala, (DNS) – John Wilbur.

(Consi-2) – Jeremy Pitcher, Ben Wheeler, Marcus Dinkins, Kevin Ridley, Mike Fowler, Gregg Kimball, Jon Tesoriero, Beth Schnieder, Chuck DeMott, John Pietrowicz, (DNS) – Chris Hile.

(Time Trials:)

Pos No. Name Overall BestTm R1 R2 R3 R4 R5

1 k38 Ryan Susice 15.891 15.891

2 17k Sammy Reakes, IV 15.957 15.957

3 m1 Dave Marcuccilli 16.051 16.051

4 16 Earl Rudy 16.117 16.117

5 1s Jim Spano 16.135 16.135

6 0 Jipp Ortiz 16.137 16.137

7 85 John Pietrowicz 16.146 16.146

8 11j Justin Wright 16.157 16.173 16.157

9 67g Eric Giguere 16.165 16.165

10 83x Timmy Sears Jr. 16.172 16.172

11 66 Dan Weisner 16.176 16.176

12 51 Rich Townsend 16.196 16.196

13 5h Chris Hile 16.205 16.205

14 01 Chris Raabe 16.227 16.227

15 83k A.J. Kingsley 16.244 16.244

16 59 Greg Kimball 16.250 16.250

17 21jj Jim Johnstone 16.258 16.258

18 24 Brandon Sweet 16.277 16.277

19 06j Jordan Bennett 16.278 16.278

20 74 Matt Billings 16.288 16.288

21 99p Greg Panute 16.319 16.319

22 20 Kevin Ridley 16.325 16.325

23 9m Mark Olmstead Jr. 16.339 16.339

24 84 Claude Hutchings Jr. 16.360 16.360

25 14 Jeremy Pitcher 16.371 16.371

26 11 Ben Wheeler 16.380 16.380

27 54 Mark Chiddy 16.380 16.380

28 57s Beth Schneider 16.383 16.383

29 55 Matt Hulsizer 16.387 16.387

30 410 Mike Fowler 16.409 16.409

31 17 Marcus Dinkins 16.488 16.488

32 38 Luke Whittaker 16.494 16.494

33 77 B.J. Willard 16.534 16.534

34 14x Chuck DeMott 16.538 16.538

35 12a Andrew Ferguson 16.579 16.579

36 2m Jon Tesoriero 16.587 16.587

37 92 Adam Turner 16.738 16.738

38 8a Dana Aikens 17.206 17.206

39 29j John Wilbur 18.097 18.097

(Xtreme Auto Recovery IMCA Modifieds 20-laps) – Kevan Cook, J.J. Courcy, Jerry Beck, Rob Keller Jr., Calvin Painter, Dave Talbot, Howard Jones, Tony Finch, Ken Rogers, Tony Buffa Jr., Bill Anderson, Les Hubbard, Coleen Finch, Brandon Carvey, Jim Walsh, Becca Eastman, Mike Jones, Jeff Amidon, Dale Caswell, Pete Anderson, DNS- GlennWeaver.

(Beaver River Distribution Mod Lites 20-laps) – Tim Devendorf, Rocco Leone, Doug Williams, Andrew Schartner, Justin Crisafulli, Joe Garafolo, Mike Mullen, Nick Graziano, Jeff Blackburn, Terry Lapham, Rick Donovan, Bruce Broedel, Bruce Ackley, Jason Broedel, Lowell Zehr, Lisa Thomas, Ricky Yelle, Jim Tuttle, Sam Usborne, Kelly Skinner, John Behron, Clayton Brewer III, Sam Morse, Mike Bruce, Tim Burdick, Kevin Leubner, Frank Sobotka, Dave Trytek, Gary Jeffries, Ron DeGroff.

(Tired Iron Repair 4-Cylinder Super Stocks 15-laps) – Chuck Powelczyk, Stephen Denton, Matt Wetterer, Jessica Herbert, Randy Knight, Wendall Washington, Lorraine Powelczyk, Sam Carista, Jerry Curcie Jr., Chris Kranz, Sam Curcie, Ethan Halsey, Aron Backus, Michelle Britton.