Town of Schroeppel Endorses Candidates

The Schroeppel Republican Committee is proud to announce the slate of endorsed candidates for the upcoming fall election.

After months of interviews and consideration of each candidate’s qualifications and experience, the committee has voted to endorse the following candidates for the positions that are to be filled in the 2015 fall elections:

District Attorney – Greg Oakes; 10th Legislative District – Robert Hayes; 12th Legislative District – John Brandt; Town Supervisor – Lynett Greco; Town Board – Nicklaus Hoyt; Town Board – John Green; Town Clerk – Darlene Owens; Highway Superintendent – Clifford Hoyt; Town Justice – Karen Brandt; and Tax Collector – Joann Nazarian.
Jimmy Hayes.

The committee chair explained the process through which the above candidates were selected. “Our committee started its work early in the year, reviewing the credentials of all persons interested in running for office, conducting interviews of each prospective candidate, reviewing the individual’s past record in the position, where applicable. Then after full and careful deliberation, the committee members voted on which individual would most appropriately meet the needs and wishes of the entire community. As far as the legislative candidates are concerned, the committee also followed the recommendations of the Volney Town Committee for the 10th legislative district and the Hastings Town Committee for the 12th legislative district.”

He continued, “I am very pleased with the number of people who came forward and expressed an interest in running for public office, especially the younger members of our community. There are many problems to be addressed as we look to the future and the willingness of these people to come forward and become part of the process demonstrates to me that our town will continue to be at the forefront of solutions to such problems. I encourage all our townspeople to take an active role in the elective process by seeking office, participation at town board meetings, volunteering at the committee level, supporting the candidates, and, most importantly, to exercise the right to vote.”