Town of Scriba Calls For Immediate Adoption Of The CES

SCRIBA, NY – on July 20, the town of Scriba declared its support for the Clean Energy Standard and urged for its swift implementation to ensure the continued operation of upstate nuclear facilities, Ginna, Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick.

The CES, which was introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo,  mandates that the state reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent and generate 50 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

The measure recognizes upstate nuclear facilities for their clean energy contributions as New York strives to increase its renewable sources of electric generation.

The town of Scriba, which is the home community of Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants, as well as the upstate region and the state, enjoy tremendous economic and environmental benefits from nuclear energy.

According to a recent Brattle Group report, upstate nuclear plants provide 25,000 jobs, contribute $3.16 billion to the state’s gross domestic product and save New Yorkers $1.7 billion in electricity costs.

Upstate nuclear energy plants also play a vital role in helping New York cement itself as an environmental leader by preventing over 16 million tons of carbon emissions from being expelled into the air each year.

Moreover, a Brattle Group report on the cost analysis found that the benefits of the CES far outweigh the costs. In the early years of the CES (up until 2023), over 75% of the carbon avoided by the program is directly attributable to preserving upstate nuclear.

The urgency around the implementation of the CES has only increased with the recent news that Entergy may sell FitzPatrick to Exelon, pending discussions and the passage of the measure.

“We cannot delay the passage of the Clean Energy Standard any longer,” said Ken Burdick, town supervisor. “With every day that goes by, the town of Scriba and the entire upstate region hang in peril as the livelihoods of our families and community is left on hold. We thank Governor Cuomo for his continued support of the people of upstate New York. He has truly made our economic wellbeing of this fragile part of the state a top priority. We hope that our elected officials in Albany recognize the devastating effects of the premature closure of our upstate nuclear plants and issue the CES for the future of our state.”