Townsend Receives White Coat at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

ITHACA, NY – Adam Townsend participated in the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony on December 1, receiving one of the most recognized symbols of the veterinary profession and marking a significant milestone in the journey toward the development of clinical confidence and competence.

Townsend is a member of the veterinary college’s Class of 2014 and is the son of Eric and Elizabeth Townsend, of Pulaski.

“The white coat ceremony marks the transition of students from learning the language and scientific basis of medicine, to learning the art and science of the delivery of medicine,” said Dr. Michael I. Kotlikoff, Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell. “Both elements are an essential part of medical education and an appropriate dose of each makes a good doctor. But in addition to the scientific and technical skills that are required to succeed, part of learning to be a good and effective doctor is learning to balance what you know with what your patients and clients need. Students with the most sophisticated and up-to-date knowledge of medicine will be poor doctors if they don’t also learn how to use that knowledge for the benefit of their patients and clients.”

Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine adds special meaning to this rite of passage in two ways. During the ceremony, veterinarians and faculty who have provided mentorship to our students participated in the ceremony by coating the recipients.

Townsend was coated by Dr. James Sprole.

Similarly, family and friends who have provided support and encouragement were asked to rise and be acknowledged at the time of coating.

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