Traffic Light To Be Discontinued

Provided by Oswego Police Department

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Traffic Advisory Committee made a recommendation to discontinue the traffic light at West First and Seneca streets and to make this intersection a two-way stop for east/west traffic.

Mayor Randolph Bateman has signed the order to make said changes at this intersection.

Today (Oct. 16), the Traffic Division of the Oswego City Police Department will erect the stop signs at the two corners of West Seneca Street and West First Street requiring east/west traffic to stop at that intersection.

The traffic light currently at that location has been on flash in anticipation of the change and will remain on flash until removed.

The traffic light will flash yellow for north/south traffic and will flash red for east/west traffic.

The traffic light will remain flashing for at least two months at which time the light will be removed when weather permits and if there are no major issues due to the change.