Traffic Safety Education in Our Schools

Oswego County, NY – This spring, many area schools learned about traffic safety from guest speaker, Billie Crandall Brady of the Oswego County Traffic Safety Board. Funding from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee make educational events and classes possible.

For pre-school and kindergarten, puppet shows featuring a big furry golden retriever named Samson the Safety Dog, talks to the students about bike and helmet safety, crossing the road safely, railroad safety, and buckling up in your booster seat.

For grades 1 – 6 in the classroom, fun, interactive games are offered with team competition in the “Who Wants to Be a Safety Millionaire” model. For more active safety lessons, gym classes can request a “Buckle Up Bootcamp”.

In the spring, many schools hold “bike rodeos” where students have the chance to experience driving their bikes in a safe learning environment with real signs and road hazards. Students have the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle, scooter, or even hop around the course on a hippity hop.

High school students can experience the often updated “Back Seat Bullets” presentation that spotlights buckling up in the back seat, crash dynamics, and the results speeding and distraction behind the wheel.

All programs are free to the schools, and can be offered to the public, student and adult groups, senior citizen clubs and civic organizations. Call Brady at the Traffic Safety office, a division of Integrated Community Planning, at 343-2344 ext 22. Email [email protected] .