Traffic Stop Leads to Weapons Arrest

Kenneth M. Holland, Jr.
Kenneth M. Holland, Jr.

A Phoenix man was arrested on a weapons possession charge after a traffic stop.

State Police say Kenneth M. Holland, Jr., 29, of 9354 River Rd., Phoenix was stopped by a Trooper, who discovered that in addition to a suspended driver’s license, Holland had 3 loaded 30-round magazines for a Smith & Wesson M&P rifle.

Police allege the magazines were marked for military or government use only, had an illegally large capacity and were made after September, 1994.

For those reasons, he was charged with three felony counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

He was arraigned in Hastings Town Court and released without bail.


  1. If after reading the charges brought upon this guy doesn’t make people wake up and take notice that gov’t has become too powerful….THEN NOTHING WILL!! Are you kidding me?!!

  2. Was he using them for the military or government? If not then the charges are correct. R, I feel it is you who needs to wake up … what does the man being charged with having possession of something he is NOT suppose to have possession of have to do with the government? … the government did not force him to illegally carry ammo in his car that he shouldn’t have had from the start … it is time he put on his big boy pants and took responsibility for his own actions … Have a wonderful day! …

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