Traps Unsuccessful In Capturing Leprechauns, But Imagination Was Off The Charts

Students in Jeanne Revette’s first grade class at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Elementary School put their engineering design standards to the test.

An empty trap
An empty trap

They created some incredibly imaginative traps to capture a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day this year.

The students used their engineering minds to devise and build, along with their families, their own leprechaun traps at home which they brought into class for discussion.

The students did oral presentations on their designs and then the class commented on what they liked best about the traps.

Unfortunately, the designs failed to capture any of the elusive creatures.

But, according to Revette, there was a visitor overnight in the classroom whose mischievous antics upturned chairs and left gold glitter and evidence of a green liquid in the classroom.