Tresidder Asks, ‘Where Is Patty?’

New York State 48th District Senate candidate Amy Tresidder is calling for Senator Patty Ritchie to come forth and be accountable to her constituents.

“We don’t hear from Senator Ritchie herself,” Tresidder said. “Her staff speaks for her and as the senator, she should be responding to the people she represents.”

Tresidder said she was disappointed when the senator’s spokesperson, Graham Wise, responded to a plea to stop using tax dollars for veiled campaign propaganda.

“The taxpayers must bear the cost of the literature the senator has been sending out in recent months,” Tresidder said. “These mailings serve no purpose other than to promote her re-election effort. This is wrong, it is abuse of her office and it is unthinkable to expect the public to use their hard earned money to support her campaign.”

The practices of using tax dollars to finance the printing and mailing costs are something Tresidder said the senator herself objected to when she was a candidate in the 2010 election, facing an incumbent.

“Mrs. Ritchie objected to then-Senator Darrel Aubertine’s use of tax dollars to send out literature during the campaign season yet she has no problem doing exactly was she was criticizing just two years ago,” Tresidder said.

Treisidder said her request for Senator Ritchie to stop wasting tax dollars on the mailings was answered by Wise, who claimed she “ is taking a page from the downstate democrats’ tired playbook, and complaining about the Senator’s efforts to keep in touch with her constituents.”

Tresidder said Wise is apparently not hearing from the residents of the 48th District what she has been hearing.

“As I travel the district, I have heard from many residents who said they don’t appreciate their tax dollars being used in this way,” Tresidder said.

As an example, she said the most recent mailing that has been brought to her attention, promotes a job fair.

“While I commend the senator for her efforts to hold a job fair, I do not condone her method of reaching her constituents. There are much more cost effective vehicles for reaching those who would benefit from such an event,” Tresidder said. “Announcements to the media and information posted at Department of Labor offices and public venues would be much more cost effective and beneficial to those unemployed and under employed.”

Instead, Tresidder said, she has heard from residents who received the job fair notice who are gainfully employed.

“I have had people who are making in excess of $80,000 per year tell me they received the mailing and I have had the unemployed tell me they have not received it. This is not good use of tax dollars. This is not targeting the people that can benefit from a job fair,” Tresidder said.

As for Wise’s statement that she is taking a play from downstate Democrats, Tresidder said it is furthest from the truth.

“Unlike my opponent, I have no ties to downstate. I am running a grassroots campaign and I am beholden to no one except the residents of the 48th District,” she pointed out.

Tresidder said it is time for Senator Ritchie to stop hiding behind her staff.

“I urge Senator Ritchie to begin speaking for herself and to answer to the residents of the district in her own words,” she said. “Mrs. Ritchie was elected to serve the constituency of the 48th District and with that responsibility comes accountability. People deserve to hear from her directly.”