Tresidder calls on Ritchie to debate

New York State 48th District Senate candidate Amy Tresidder said she is disappointed Senator Patty Ritchie refuses to debate.

“This is a disappointment because the residents of the 48th District deserve the opportunity to hear a debate of the issues that are so important to our community,” Tresidder said. “Why is Patty Ritchie afraid of debating?”

Unemployment, minimum wage, unfunded mandates and home rule legislation are among the issues that Tresidder and Senator Ritchie disagree on.

“Jail overcrowding due to the housing of state inmates became a problem under her watch,” Tresidder noted. “Now, just a few weeks before the election she decides to hold a closed door meeting in an effort to find a solution to something county governments have been struggling with for two years.”

“We hear continually that Mrs. Ritchie’s accomplishments since she’s been in Albany are that the Senate passed an on time budget and reduced the deficit,” Tresidder said. “Passing an on time budget is her job. That’s what she’s supposed to do but what she shouldn’t have done is to agree to reduce the state’s deficit on the backs of local governments. Cost shifting does nothing to alleviate the burden on the taxpayer.”

Tresidder said that the number of unemployed residents has remained too high. “We hear the Senator talk about all the jobs she has created, yet the unemployment rate in St. Lawrence and Oswego counties are among the highest in the state. This is unacceptable.”

Tresidder and the Senator did participate in one radio debate. “Mrs. Ritchie frequently spoke about her time as the St. Lawrence County Clerk. It’s time she addresses her record in Albany and her plans to place the 48th District in better economic standing.”

Tresidder said she was recently notified by a media group that Ritchie would not agree to participate in a debate that they had hoped to schedule so that the constituency of the 48th District would have the opportunity to meet and hear the candidates side by side.

“I continually hear that Senator Ritchie does not view me as a viable candidate. Perhaps this is why she feels no need to debate. I call on the Senator to acknowledge me as an opponent and follow through with a debate.”