Tresidder: Standing Up For Taxpayers

To the Editor:

Recently legislators Broadwell and Walpole wrote an attack letter that is more than just misleading. It is false, and it does nothing to advance the interests of the city residents, whom I have faithfully and tirelessly served over the past six years.

No one has worked harder than I have to build a better working relationship between the county and city.

For example I stood alone as the only NO vote on whether the county should charge the city for use of county equipment.

Also, had I not been so vocal about the condition of our city streets, we would probably still be dodging huge potholes (and maybe even snowbanks).

On the other hand, It took an election to get some action from the GOP.

Turning to Mr. Broadwell’s baseless claims, let me share a few little-known facts about me and how I have advocated for the city residents.

Throughout my six-year career as a legislator, I have had many meetings with the county highway superintendent regarding city issues. We have discussed a multitude of common and central infrastructure issues, including (1) ways the city could be more efficient in snow removal; (2) cooperative plowing schedules; (3) a “pot hole killer” (to get his opinion on its cost and effectiveness); and (4) the county paving of city streets that terminate as county maintained roads (such as county routes 7 and 4).

You may ask why all of these meetings were not made public until now.

The reason is simple.

I never intended for those meetings, or any of the other discussions that I have had with county department heads, to be promotional items for a mayoral campaign.

I did not meet with county department heads merely to try to get elected; I met with them because I wanted results for the city. I hold myself to a higher standard of professional and ethical behavior.

That is why I would not place a department head doing his job in the middle of politics.

And while it should go without saying, my opponents need to be reminded that it is unfair to place a county department head in the middle of city politics.

This is, of course, the real reason no one “heard” of my meetings.

To be effective in government one has to be a part of the bigger picture.

I do not take credit for the work of others nor do I use my position to grandstand or take advantage of others.

I work hard, do my homework and research issues.

I serve. The chest thumping and self interest of politics does not interest me. I do not and will not owe favors to others.

I don’t use people, I work for and with people, and their trust is important to me.

It’s no wonder why the two Republican legislators feel obligated to attack me on behalf of their mayoral candidate.

Their kind of negative politics will destroy our city and keep us from growing. It also explains why there is no confidence in our local government.

This city is for everyone, not just those who have a need to throw their weight around because they feel powerful.

As long as I hold public office, I will continue to stand up for all taxpayers, not just those who have done political favors and made contributions.

We deserve more from the people we elect.

We should expect them to work toward a positive outcome for all instead of pointing fingers and tearing down the work of others.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Amy M. Tresidder