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September 20, 2018

Triathlon Training to be Held at Fulton YMCA

The Fulton Family YMCA will be offering a two day clinic on Friday, May 20th from 6:00 – 9:00pm and Saturday, May 21st from 8:30am – 3:15pm. It will be given by two (2) certified USAT Level 2 Coaches, Eric Prager and Karen Allen-Turner, who will help with educating the public on how one can successfully train for a triathlon.

This training will cover , training cycles, training zones, analysis and drills, equipment essential and considerations in purchasing gear. Functional strength training and how to select the right exercises will also be covered along with so much more. If you are struggeling as to where to begin this training will be very beneficial to you. You will leave with 10 hours of training from the two coaches, hand outs and training templates.

Karen Allen-Turner

Karen Allen-Turner

In 1988, Karen’s journey into the sport of Triathlon began. Since then, armed with Physical Education, Sports Management and MBA degrees and currently holding a Level 2 USAT Coaching Certification and American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainers certification, Karen has been on a quest to continue to expand her knowledge of all aspects of the sport. Having raced all triathlon distances and having participated in many races in Australia (her native country) and the United States (her adopted country), Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with fellow athletes.

Eric Prager

Eric Prager

Eric Prager has degrees in Sports Management and Exercise Science. His 17+ years as an Exercise Physiologist and 20+ years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach have shaped his knowledge. Eric has designed programs for individuals of all levels, including those having progressed to #1 national rankings, world rankings and professional competition. Eric has taught at the collegiate level, lectured on national circuits and been authored in journals and texts.

The cost of the training is $99 per person and includes snacks on Friday, breakfast, lunch on Saturday along with hand-outs and training templates.

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