Trinity Pre-Schoolers Recognized

OSWEGO, NY – Before you can have high school graduation, you have to have pre-school graduation.

On Thursday evening, Trinity Catholic School enthusiastically sent 18 youngsters off into summer vacation looking forward to starting their first day of kindergarten in the fall.

Spencer Stepien explains why he wants to be a paleontologist. Members of his class sit behind him, waiting for their turn at the microphone.Members of the school’s four-year-old (five day) class marched into the gym and up onto the stage as family members recorded the ceremony with photos and video.

The walls were adorned with large photos of the students and their special artwork.

Eighteen teddy bears, with colored balloons attached (representing the colors of the school that merged to form Trinity), sat on a long table.

There also were silhouettes of each child; a huge scrapbook crammed full of photos, clippings and other mementos of the students’ time at Trinity; a graduation certificate and a banner with the student’s name on it.

After the students took the stage, they recited The Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

Mary Culeton puts her thumbs at the corner of her mouth and turns up a great big smile as she sings: “I like school, school likes me, I’m as happy as can be!”In America, they sang, you can be what you want to be; and then they showed everyone their choices. Wearing the appropriate head gear and carrying other props, each student came up to the microphone and told (in poem form) what he or she wanted to be when they grew up.

Members of the Class of 2021 want to be firefighters, police officers, doctors and astronauts among other professions.

Spencer Stepien wants to be a paleontologist.

“Mom and dad will be so proud of me when I dig up dinosaur bones,” he exclaimed.

Jack Warren holds his graduation certificate as he poses for photographs. Applauding at left is David Friedlander, principal.The students crossed a small bridge, symbolizing their journey through pre-school, as they received their graduation certificate and name banner.

After the students had all received their certificates, everyone was treated to a video of the academic year in review. Light refreshments were also served.

Graduates included: Anthony Ascenzi, Kayla Beall, Mitchell Bruce, Mary Culeton, Kyle Familo, Isaac Kangah, Thomas Kenyon, Frederick LeBlanc, Allison Lizotte, Amelia Rastley, Ethan Riester, Derek Sabatini, Maya Sprague, Spencer Stepien, Samantha Terpening, Jack Warren, John Francis Winchek, and Brian Zuber.

For more information about Trinity, the only Catholic school in Oswego County, call 343-6700.