Trinity Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

OSWEGO, NY – Trinity Catholic School hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner Thursday.

The students’ grandparents and special friends were the guests of honor at Oswego County’s only Catholic school.

Trinity mark and bill get some turkey
Food Services Manager Dennis Jerome, left serves two more visitors. Trinity student Mark Schuffenecker watches to see if his grandfather gets a healthy portion.

The pre-kindergarten classes gathered for songs and games prior to sharing some cake and other refreshments.

The youngsters sang some seasonal songs and performed the Turkey Dance for their guests.

The older students were treated to a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

Dennis Jerome, the Oswego City School District’s award-winning food services manager, came prepared.

He presented a repast fit for a king. The banquet included mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, sweet potatoes and more at the start of the spread. At the end of the line, he carved 10 turkeys, two hams and a chicken.

A tray full of chicken nuggets was also popular fare among the youngsters.

The three-year-old class included personal messages to their grandparents as part of the place settings. Inside the note, the children wrote that they’d like to get their grandparents a “Christmas surprise” and asked them to write down some suggestions.

The young students also wrote down their answers to “What is a grandmother?”

The answers were printed out on a large sheet of paper and passed around for the adults to read while the students were busy creating decorated paper turkeys.

Among their responses were: “She’s a girl who comes to my house to go bye-bye,” “A grandmother plays with Play Dough and then does what she needs to do. Then she eats and then she plays with Uncle Patrick,” “Grammy works but she doesn’t work out,” Grandma and grandpa they work, but they just sit there and watch, “She’s my grandma. She plays with me and takes me to her house,” “She’s a grandma who plays with my trains all the time,” “She sits in a chair and then she cooks most of the time,” Grandmas kiss us and they hug us,” She is happy because I love her.”