Trinity Students Up To The Sports Challenge

OSWEGO, NY –Trinity Catholic School sixth graders kept their winning streak alive Wednesday.

Maddie Muckey slips as she cross the finish line.The students take part in an obstacle course race as part of their annual Sports Day events. Participants have to dash under a barricade, through hoops, over a hurdle, and around several orange cones to complete the course.

In 2005, the students challenged Kevin Maher, a sports reporter with a Syracuse TV station, to the race. At the end of the course it was students 4, sportscaster zip.

Principal David Friedlander autographs the shirt of fifth grader Alaina Galutz. Each class wore a different color shirt.The students beat him again in 2006 and again last year for the “three-peat.”

“Last year, we beat Mr. Maher, again,” David Friedlander, principal, reminded the students sitting along the hillside next to the school. “We want to continue the tradition.”

But he said he had some good news and some bad news.

He gave the children the bad news first: Mr. Maher couldn’t make it this year. It was his birthday, the principal explained.

Kevin Broderick navigates the cone section of the course.The good news was that another Kevin, Kevin Broderick, had stepped up to meet the students’ challenge, Friedlander said.

He urged the youngsters to be on their best behavior and show good sportsmanship and cheer for Mr. Broderick, “and especially for our sixth graders.

The four sixth graders representing Trinity were Maddie Muckey, Michaela Bornheimer, Ben Isgar and Patrick Baer.

Michaela cleared the course in 7.68 seconds. Maddie followed with a time of 7.84 seconds. Ben turned in a time of 9.28 seconds and Patrick followed with 8.68 seconds.

Broderick chugged across the finish line at an even 9.00 seconds.

The sixth grade’s record is still intact,” Friedlander announced.

Grace Isgar hangs from the monkey bars.The students had “the home field advantage,” Broderick explained.

The course was one of the events the student body participated in throughout the day.

For the special event, they picked the two fastest boys and the two fastest girls to represent Trinity.

To make things interesting, if any of the four students’ times were better than their competition’s, the entire school would get dress out day.

Friedlander indicated that once again he’d like reward the student body in recognition of the sixth graders’ efforts.

Trinity is the sole Catholic school remaining in Oswego County.

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