Tuesday Briefing: Cap Flap, Rough Quotes, Dog’s Day

Panorama of Lake Neahtahwanta, by Wayne KirbyWe’ll get to the day’s sense and nonsense in a moment, but first, how ’bout we enjoy a pretty picture. We couldn’t bring ourselves to shrink this photo too much, so you’ll have to click the thumbnail to get this photo, sent to us by reader Wayne Kirby. So nice.  Sigh.  On we go….

You’d think that with the state Legislature session in its final days that there’d be a flurry of activity. And you’d be wrong. Lots of little stuff is getting done — bills to commemorate this or that, or to tighten some aspect of an existing law. But the big stuff? Stalled, as usual.

A cap on your school property taxes? Still stalled. And still the other guy’s fault.


Manufacturing in New York State is continuing to drop.

(Alliteration Alert:) Broader backing for Bigger Better Bottle Bill.

Pharmacists worry that the cost of drugs is going up sharply.

Legislators near a deal to limit the power of the semi-governmental authorities that spend lots of your money without lots of your oversight.

More eye surgery for the Governor.

What He Said:

Rochester radio talker’s in trouble for criticizing a city schools program honoring minority students’ academic achievements. Part of what he said:

“If you’re white and you have a B, you’re average. If you’re black and have a B, you get your picture in the paper. What’s that message, right there, huh? “

You can hear the entire comment and read his now-disappeared blog post on the subject, on this page.

And then there’s the subject of what Gov. David Paterson said or didn’t say about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Someone whispered into Bloomy’s ear that Paterson said this, among other things:

“You can’t trust him.”

Paterson denies he said any such thing.

Apropos of Not Very Much:

Did you know that there’s no difference between your little family boat and a massive oil tanker? Senator Chuck’s on the case.

Don’t go bringing that bottled water into a NYC government office, bud. They drink from the tap in the Big Apple. They’re tough.

It could be a berry good season.

And from the Department Of Cute Little Animals:

Man rescues ducks.

And there’ll be a little less gold-plated dog food for this pooch.

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