Twisty Plot, Reversed Roles In “Blood Relations”


Plot twists and role reversals drive the action of the upcoming SUNY Oswego student honors theatre production “Blood Relations.”

When The Actress (Jessica Quindlen, right) asks Lizzy Borden (Courtney Bennett, left) if she really committed the sensational murders of her family in 1892, a game follows where Lizzy asks The Actress to play a younger version of the accused murderer (herself), while Lizzy plays a maid guiding The Actress through that fateful night.

As the action moves back and forth, the actresses have to change body language, expressions, gestures, accents and other aspects of their performance in an instant, director Keegan Bushey said.

The play will run Nov. 18 to 22 in Tyler Hall’s lab theatre. For tickets, visit or call Tyler box office at 312-2141.