Two-Car Crash Near College Injures Three

OSWEGO, NY – At about 9:02 p.m. Friday, the Oswego County 911 dispatched the city of Oswego Fire Department to Route 104  and Sweet Road for a two-car MVA.

Three people were reportedly injured in the crash near the entrance of SUNY Oswego.

The fire department command requested a Medavac to the scene.

Ononadga County Air One responded, a landing zone was set up at Romney Field House.

Two of the victims were taken to Upstate University Hospital,  Syracuse.

The third was transported to Oswego Hospital.

No other details are available.


  1. I called this accident in to University Police, and upon calling they had informed me they were unaware of the accident. I had watched at least 10-15 cars drive by the accident. Hopefully everyone recoveries from their injuries.

  2. IS this the spot where anyone not familiar with that neighborhood would find themselves bottle-necking into one lane on each side, and almost getting run off into a ditch? IF this is that location, DOT, isn’t it time we addressed this situation. As recently as last week, I had a woman heading to SUNY (late for a class/work?), just about run me off the road as she HAD to go even faster than the 28 mph I was already going, to get in front of me.

    Isn’t this the spot where that wonderful Oswego teacher was killed and left three small children when this happened to her?

    That whole portion of 104 is a life-risking danger, and with cell-phones/and distracted drivers, people who aren’t familiar can certainly cross into oncoming traffic and or push someone INTO oncoming traffic.

    IF this isn’t that location, then, obviously, THIS location needs ‘addressing’ also. TOO many people drive through this congested area during the day leading to SUNY/or out of town.

    My sympathy for these individuals. Hope ‘distraction’ wasn’t part of the equasion, because with deer/winter weather/wet-leaves/people walking in dark clothing on streets without sidewalks, it’s scary enough out that way. I TRY to go through Campus rather than use this road when possible, but obviously, for many this isn’t possible (they live out this way or are going to a business that way).

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