Two-Day Design Workshop Planned To Shape Oswego’s Future

OSWEGO, NY – On Oct. 13, Oswego’s citizens are invited to help the city to envision their ideal city in the year 2020 by sharing their ideas with the 2020 Steering Committee and Bergmann Associates for land use, development projects and landscape and architectural appearance in the year 2020.

The city of Oswego Community Development Office, together with the 2020 Steering committee, invites everyone to attend these sessions to put our ideas on paper and have the designers simulate the concepts that have only been imagined up until now.

The city of Oswego 2020 Vision Plan, adopted in 2003, included many ideas that are now a reality in 2010.

These workshops are our opportunity to see our dreams of the perfect Oswego materialize as a goal for the next ten years.

Oswego’s new and revised 2020 Comprehensive Plan will incorporate these ideas to set out the goals and outline the steps to achieve those goals.

Every citizen, business owner, property owner, and resident is encouraged and welcome to participate in this exciting visioning process.

The city adopted its first comprehensive plan, the city of Oswego 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan, in August 2003.

As the goals and objectives of the city evolved over the last seven years, the city recognized the time was right to revisit the comprehensive plan and identify areas and projects that may need updating and incorporate the new ideas and projects conceived by Oswego’s citizens, stakeholders, and officials into our new 2020 plan.

In order to update the 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan, the city hired the team of Bergmann Associates and Steinmetz Planning Group to facilitate the revision process.

The revision of the Oswego 2020 Vision Plan began over two days in May 2010 when Oswego’s citizens and stakeholders participated in group meetings to discover what had been accomplished and shared their ideas on priorities for future development.

The city held four public meetings as part of the official project kickoff at the schools,  individual meetings with key community stakeholders, targeted topic-specific small group discussions and a web based  community and college survey.

The next step is to see what people have in mind for the future look and programs that need to be incorporated in the city’s development goals.

On Oct. 13, planners will begin the session with presentation boards on what has been accomplished and then hike to various sites in the city to explore and discover new areas where improvements can be made.

The facilitators will present the results of the community survey and the May meetings.

Then everyone will share their ideas and concepts in the design workshop for the various sectors of the city – to explore ideas for various neighborhoods and set the designs on paper.

On Oct. 14, Oswego’s citizens and stakeholders are invited to come back to the McCrobie Civic Center to see the results as their ideas are illustrated and become a part of the new 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

The schedule of 2020 public workshops are outlined below.

All workshops will be held at the McCrobie Civic Center, 41 Lake St.

October 13

5 – 6 p.m. Citizens pre-workshop review draft plan and materials

6 – 7 p.m. Presentation on sharing ideas and projects in a design workshop

7 – 9 p.m. Interactive design workshop focusing on four topic areas: Neighborhoods / Downtown and Waterfront / Gateways / Parks

October 14

6 – 8 p.m. Presenting Oswego’s ideas and projects from Oct. 13 workshop.