Two Months Remain On Intersection Project

FULTON, NY – Work to widen the main intersection through the city of Fulton is nearing completion.

With an abundance of orange cones and construction vehicles, traffic patterns in the city of Fulton have been modified for several weeks as the state Department of Transportation (DOT) works. According to Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward, a few months of inconvenience will be worth the benefits that the project will bring.


“It has been a pain but in the long run, it is going to be a great thing,” Woodward said. “It will save the city a lot of money.”

Hank Polech, the acting public information officer for the New York State Department of Transportation Region 3, provided updates on the project Thursday.

“Most of the sidewalks and curb work is complete,” Polech said. Storm drains and under road drainage pipes are also installed.

Polech said that paving work at the intersection is planned to start Monday.

“If the weather is on our side, that should be finished by Friday, Oct.3,” he said.


Once paving and resurfacing work is complete, Polech said crews will begin work to put the permanent pavement markings on the roadway, including lines and directional arrows.

“We are also expecting the delivery of new signal poles for the intersection at any time,” he said. “They should be ready for installation by mid-October.”

To date, Polech said there have been no significant problems with the project. If all goes as expected with the remaining work, he said that the DOT expects to wrap the project up entirely around mid-November.

Next, Polech said that the DOT will tackle paving that will tie into the intersection, north and south along Route 481.

“That is a separate project,” he said. “I am not sure if that will take place this year.”


  1. Would someone please explain why, a city of less than 12,000 people has a major highway running thru it—and why it was necessary to widen the intersection?
    Rte 481 should have by-passed this city, as it did Phoenix.
    The “pwers that be” who decided to put it thru town, did NOT stay here!
    The logic was: that people travelling thru Fulton, would certainly stop and shop!!
    Those travelling from Oswego have no need to stop—those travelling TO Oswego, have no need to shop—there IS NO place to shop anymore!!!! For the need to stop for a morning cup of coffee, we are subjected to parades of tractor trailers, the danger of stepping off the curb, taking our lives in our hands, playing russian roulette trying to zip thru the intersection. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?

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