To The Editor:

All, I’ve never been one to champion the memorializing resolutions, concerns etc that we may have about proposals from Albany, but this is quite possibly the most outrageous I’ve seen in my career. I hope we all read this and take up the call.

This is serious. I advise each and everyone to research, who and where these sponsors live so that we may understand the divide between us and the downstate agenda.

The Senate only has one Senator so far, if this even makes the floor for a vote there is no longer any reason to continue our Central New York lifestyle.

As written, if I bet I catch a bigger fish than you, guilty. Both of us.


Assembly A00722,

A00722 Summary:
BILL NO A00722



COSPNSR Cook, Galef, Rosenthal L, Englebright, Colton, D’Urso, McDonough, Simon, Ortiz, Dinowitz, Lifton

MLTSPNSR Epstein, Hevesi

Amd §§11-0901 & 71-0921, En Con L

Provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to organize, sponsor, conduct, promote, or participate in any contest, competition, tournament or derby where the objective of such contest or competition is to take wildlife.

James S. Weatherup, Chairman

Oswego County Legislature

46 East Bridge Street

Oswego, New York 13126

Phone:(315) 349-8230


  1. @Jim:
    The Senate only has one Senator so far, if this even makes the floor for a vote there is no longer any reason to continue our Central New York lifestyle.

  2. There is no divide between “us” and the downstate agenda.

    There is a divide between the vast majority of New Yorkers who want gun-control and rational public policy … and a tiny minority of white male gun fanatics who see any attempt to make society more peaceful and civilized as a call to arms and civil war.

    How about you stop taking pleasure in shooting and killing things? Find some new hobbies. Thanks.

  3. Re: Anonymous
    Chairman Weatherup is simply pointing out how out of touch legislators in Albany are regarding things we do here in upstate, such as hunting, fishing derby’s etc. I understand how liberals immediately jump to the ridiculous “gun control” line, and “white male” hatred, however you have your hobbies, others have theirs. An over-bloated government of any kind should not be dictating every activity a free society of individuals chooses to engage in. You might yearn to be Mommied and Daddied by Albany, but most of the good people of upstate abhor that idea.

  4. Not everybody in upstate participates in those activities. Much of the upstate population has no more interest in hunting, fishing, and whatever else, than any downstate citizen.

    Most human beings in American society are perfectly capable of living a full and complete life without ever owning a gun, firing a gun, possessing a gun, or killing wildlife.

    Progressives who happen to live in upstate are not going to sit silently and let conservatives divide the state. Most New Yorkers, both upstate and downstate, support progressive policies and want the needless gun violence to end. People who own guns and like going out and shooting defenseless animals for no reason could and should find other things to do with their time.

  5. Liberals(not progressives),just love telling the rest of us what is best for us.
    Government statistics show the states with the highest rate of legal gun ownership have the lowest crime rates. Darn those rascally facts!
    No, not everyone participates in hunting or fishing, however those of us that do have a constitutional right to do so. Liberals, not conservatives are dividing this State with oppressive taxation, over-regulation, and wild eyed environmental foolishness.
    You go hug a tree, and I’ll go hunt and fish. You will be happy hugging, while I’ll be happy hunting.
    By the way, fresh walleye, fresh venison, and rabbit stew are wonderful. You should try them sometime.

  6. Re: Anonymous

    You put “much of the upstate population” and “the vast majority of New Yorkers” on the side of the issue/opinion you express. The problem is we will likely never know where the vast majority of Upstate (defined as further than 2 hours north of Manhattan) stands because the downstate nannies you choose to follow would never allow Upstate the opportunity to show them they are wrong. I find it so hypocritical that a person finds it unacceptable for people to hunt animals for food and fur in a state that approves of killing babies for the sake of convenience! Or is that your approved hobby?

  7. Well, obviously many people reject the notion that abortion is murder. It’s a legal medical procedure in the United States and much of the world.

    But since conservatives are so concerned about the lives of children, obviously conservatives must oppose the U.S.-Saudi war in Yemen which has killed thousands of children. Similarly, conservatives must oppose the Israeli treatment of Palestinian children, including the extrajudicial killing of child protesters at the Gaza border in recent months. Finally, conservatives, so full of Christian love and compassion, must vehemently oppose the Trump child separation policy at the southern border and feel deep remorse for the children that have died in ICE and Border Patrol custody.

    The fact of the matter is that conservatives oppose programs which help actual living, breathing children (and adults) the world over but latch onto the abortion issue in a hypocritical and illogical attempt to appear morally sound.

    Gun violence in the United States is exponentially worse than gun violence in other developed societies … conservatives, who care so much about human life, should be on the front lines calling for sensible gun regulations before even more children’s lives are lost.

  8. Glossing over the recent legislation signed by our “Catholic” Governor which legalizes infanticide is something I would expect from a member of the party of death.
    Moving on to the gun canard:
    The United States is 3rd in Murders throughout the World. But if you take out just 4 cities: Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the entire world, for Murders.
    These 4 Cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the U.S.
    ALL 4 of these cities are controlled by Democrats.
    Back to separating children from their parents. This was something done in far higher numbers under the previous administration, who like those before, just kicked that can down he road. We now have a President who wants to finally solve this. You know, with help from Dems who voted for the wall just a few years ago?

  9. Re: Anonymous
    “It’s a legal medical procedure…” Wow, way to sanitize the issue! Yemen and Gaza….war, whether formally declared or not, isn’t pretty, clean or neutral. Fighting against a faction that uses kids as suicidal bombers is as dirty as it gets. Establishing a clear set of rules of engagement that will keep all innocents safe is impossible and not attempting to stop the radicals from their misguided mission isn’t a rational option.

    Trump & ICE? Like “Taxes” said the Obama administration has its fingerprints all over that one. Convenient of you to forget that part.

    I, like “Taxes”, will continue to hunt and fish, enjoying the outdoors that in large part are enhanced and protected by the taxes on the hunting and fishing equipment we buy as well as the license fees we are charged.

    When people clearly expose the liberal agenda, the libs eventually change the terminology such as liberal to progressive. Gun restrictions became gun control and now it morphs into “sensible regulations”. You quickly include gang shooting stats into your gun violence info to make it appear that all gun owners need to be heavily controlled. You’re not fooling anyone except yourselves.

  10. Unbelievable is when a state (SD) starts a bounty program of $10 per carcass on animals that are a threat to an invasive species. To boost pheasant hunting, kill the coyotes, badgers, skunks, raccoons. Nonsesnsical rifle addiction (nra) at it’s worst. The upstate lifestyle can’t be buttonholed into one of “huntin’ n’ fishin’. The popularity of hunting is half what it was in 1960, when 14 million licenses were sold. The population has doubled since then and the number of licenses is still 14 million.

  11. @Taxed: “By the way, fresh walleye, fresh venison, and rabbit stew are wonderful. You should try them sometime.”
    By the way, those dishes cost too much. Venison is up to $228 per pound which is $57 per serving. Gun, ammo, camo pants, license, taxidermy, beer, gas, camo vest, maps, freezer, sighting-in, blind, buck lure, blaze orange hat, GPS, camo boots, hand warmers, pickup truck, butchering, refrigeration, etc

  12. @Taxed: “The United States is 3rd in Murders” . We’re talking gun deaths, not murders. Take away those four cities and we’re still #3 for gun death rates.

  13. @ ariel
    Big game license: around $50.00
    Deer processing: around $100.00
    Eating healthier meat than you find in a store: priceless

    Explaining the benefits of responsible wild game hunting to liberals: useless

  14. The statistics on cities are wrong. There’s no way to sugarcoat the gun violence epidemic in America. Mass shootings, homicides, suicides, city violence, rural violence, it’s all way higher in America because of the gun culture, the inadequate laws and regulations, and the mass production and mass distribution of guns for profits and for “fun.”

    The United States, furthermore, exports its violent gun culture every time it invades or bombs another country, or provides logistical support to regimes engaged in unjust violence (e.g. the Saudis, the Israelis).

    The world needs peace if we’re going to unite globally to combat climate change. The U.S. continues to unilaterally and imperialistically insist on perpetual war and never-ending cycles of violence as the climate crisis intensifies.

    American conservatives, unfortunately, continue to deny human/capitalist responsibility for the climate crisis … and deny that America has a gun problem … and deny a woman’s right to choose … and deny science … and deny reality.

  15. Your statistics are from an internet meme that is inaccurate. The United States is far and away atop the global list of gun violence among similarly developed societies … the contribution of the big cities is less than 10% of the U.S. total.

    The solution is to pass regulations limiting the type and quantity of weapons American civilians are allowed to own, to regulate gun manufacturers, and for the American people themselves to end their obsession with guns and killing.

  16. @Taxed: The last time you put venison on the table and spent only $150. was when you shot from your bedroom window over the pile of corn out back. Nice try, though. Gun, ammo, camo pants, license, taxidermy, beer, gas, camo vest, maps, freezer, sighting-in, blind, tick repellent, flashlight, compass, first aid kit, buck lure, hunting club membership, blaze orange hat, GPS, camo boots, hand warmers, pickup truck, butchering, refrigeration, etc And then you got to eat around the blow-fly blemishes (while the meat’s no good cause the one you shot was anemic because it was was full of ticks). USDA inspected? NOT!

  17. @Taxed: Chairman Weatherup is simply pointing out how out of touch he is with the change in the mindset of his constituency. Back in the day when high school kids displayed shotguns in the back of their pick-up windows, before Aurora, Newtown, Parkland, 9/11, Orlando, Virginia Tech, before our gun death rate rose to 10.6 per 100,000 it might have been valid to argue about 2A rights, but with the demise of Remington and their declaration of bankruptcy (don’t let the door hit you on the way out), the writings’ on the wall and his opinion is no longer valid. Oswego County Legislators don’t canvass their voters for their opinions. I’ve never been contacted by one. Not by mail, e-mail, texts, nothing. Having contests to see who can blast the most coyotes in a weekend represents the “N” in NRA (nonsensical rifle addiction).

  18. Pathfinder is 2.59 miles from me and right now they’re making a racket, disturbing my right to be free of noise pollution, besides all the lead they’re tossing into the environment. Amazing that on their website they have to caution their members about bullets leaving their property (like what happened in Camillus) and that the failure to complete the range forms could result in the DEC closing their pistol range. Running amok amongst us. Every shooting range should be required to carry a $50 million bond for the eventual lead cleanup and remediation. I hope children, women who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant are kept far away from the premises due to the lead that becomes aerosol upon firing of the weapons and leaches into Pathfinders well every time it rains or when snow thaws.

  19. This week, the Connecticut State Supreme Court opened the doors for Remington to be sued for their marketing of AR16’s to angry young men.

  20. Let’s just stop and listen to each other..I’m putting this out here .has anyone ever did a study to see who and how the murderers back ground is? I’ll bet most times the person has a military background..when you enter boot camp, from that point forward you are trained daily in some cases very intense training..then when you’re time is up they discharge you..with out training you back to the civilian life..when you put the daily life of the average person..and the way the world works ..no wonder people snap..tax this take away that ,stick this here and there..come on people think small not big like you all think…

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