Understanding and Acceptance Fostered at APW Elementary

PARISH – An interactive puppet workshop called KidSpeak recently fostered understanding and acceptance of individual differences among elementary students at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District.

An interactive puppet workshop fosters understanding and acceptance of learning style differences among elementary students at APW.

Professionals from the Margaret L. Williams Developmental Evaluation Center representing the disciplines of school psychology, special education, speech language pathology and occupational therapy used the art of puppetry to talk about autism and related disorders, helping the children to better understand learning style differences.

Puppet Carey talked about how he liked to follow a schedule for the day and to know when things were done. Puppet Sally hummed to keep herself calm and liked to use her iPad to answer yes and no questions.

The presenters asked the kids to silently clap for the puppets as to not make the puppets or anyone in the audience nervous. They left the students with a challenge: to be social detectives with those around us so that we can be better understanding and accepting of our differences.