Unemployment Drops in Oswego County in February; Still Upstate’s Highest

Unemployment remained at crisis levels in Oswego County in February, with about one in every eight people unable to find work.

State Labor Department figures showed that the jobless rate dropped in February to 12% from 12.5% in January.

The number of people listed as employed rose by 200 during the month, to 52,700. The number of people listed as unemployed fell by 300 during the month, to 7,200. The net numbers mean that 100 people left the job market entirely during the month. The state only counts those who have jobs or are looking for jobs in its monthly employment survey.

Oswego County’s jobless rate remains the highest in Upstate New York and is second only to the 12.7% jobless rate in the Bronx.

About a third of the state’s 62 counties report unemployment rates above 10%.

The statewide jobless rate fell to 8.7% from 8.9% in January as about 14,000 more people had jobs while 24,000 fewer people were listed as unemployed, meaning that about 10,000 state residents stopped looking for work during the month.

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  1. 12% unemployment, and already the 13th highest property taxes in the nation, and yet the Oswego City school administrators and certain board members are giddy with their proposal to pass along a 2% tax increase on this city! I sure hope that this is not the straw the breaks the camel’s back for even more of our local businesses.

    OCSD has been a failure year after year after year yet the decision makers are still looking at things with tunnel vision hoping that what has never worked will suddenly start working. Time for a new fresh perspective. They need to listen a little bit more when Fran Hoefer speaks.

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