Unemployment Falls in Oswego County Again

The headline sounds good — unemployment fell in Oswego County during September — but the underlying reasons for the drop paint a less positive picture.

The county’s jobless rate fell from 9.2% in August to 8.8% in September.

But that’s primarily because fewer people were in the job market, not because there were more jobs.

The state Labor Department’s survey finds that the number of people listed as employed fell by 500 during the month, to 54,800.  But that was not matched with a corresponding rise in the ranks of the unemployed.  In fact, the number of people listed as unemployed also fell by 300 jobs, to 5,300.

People are only listed as unemployed when they are without a job and are actively seeking a job. People who stop looking for work are not counted as unemployed.

The jobless rate for the three county Syracuse area, which includes Oswego County, fell to 7.5% as the labor market contracted there by more than 2,500 jobs and 500 unemployed people.

The statewide rate fell to 8.0% as the state lost more than 37,000 jobs.


  1. I love new york state and would love to move back there, but the job market is so bleek that it would be a huge gamble. Oswego county and central new york has so much to offer in quality living environments, but the job market crushes alot of the growth and prosperity that could be obtained. I lived in several towns within oswego county and loved them all .

  2. What a crock, if there are no jobs and you quit looking you’re still unemployed! I love statistics, they can be manipulated so easily!

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