United Way’s Annual Campaign Focus On Achieving Goals

OSWEGO, NY – Setting and achieving aggressive, yet obtainable goals is one of the keys to success.

Whether one is looking to further their career, excel at their favorite hobby, or achieve personal goals such as optimal wellness or advancing their education, the first step is establishing your goal and executing a plan to make that goal a reality.

Executive Director of the United Way of Greater Oswego County, Melanie Trexler meets with keynote speakers for the annual campaign kickoff Christopher Fitzgerald and Carol Dillabough. From left are: chair of the United Way Campaign Cabinet, Jonathan Daniels, Dillabough, Trexler and Fitzgerald.
Executive Director of the United Way of Greater Oswego County, Melanie Trexler meets with keynote speakers for the annual campaign kickoff Christopher Fitzgerald and Carol Dillabough. From left are: chair of the United Way Campaign Cabinet, Jonathan Daniels, Dillabough, Trexler and Fitzgerald.

According to executive director of the United Way of Greater Oswego County, Melanie Trexler, the theme for the 2010 / 2011 Annual Campaign is Live United, Live Well.

“Our annual campaign is all about achieving goals for the greater good of our community. Our goal is to achieve overall wellness for our community by raising funds that will also to continue to support the many human services programs that our member agencies administer throughout Oswego County,” she said.

Programs offered by the YMCA, Catholic Charities’ CYO Program, OCO’s Headstart and Discovery Day Care ensure that children and youth have opportunities for swimming, camping, basketball and other recreational activities.

OCO’s Cancer Services Program, Health Centers, and Facilitated Enrollment sees to it that the uninsured and underinsured receive the health care they need.

Nutrition programs offered through Catholic Charities and Rural and Migrant Ministries provides food for those in need and stresses the importance of making healthy food choices.

Farnham and the Council on Alcohol and Chemical Addiction provide counseling and help for those battling with alcohol and drug abuse.

These programs are at the heart of a healthy community, they are the building blocks for a good life.

“The success of our annual campaign is essential if we are to continue to offer these services to those who need them the most. These programs truly do enhance the quality of life in Oswego County,” added Trexler.

To emphasize the importance of establishing and achieving goals the United Way’s Annual Campaign Kickoff Breakfast will welcome guest speakers Christopher Fitzgerald, owner of Stability Fitness in Oswego and Carol Dillabough, human resources coordinator at Novelis Oswego Works.

The two will speak of the correlation between setting and achieving health and wellness goals and the United Way’s goal for a successful 2010/2011 Annual Campaign as it focuses on the building blocks for a good life.

As a personal trainer who focuses on helping his clients achieve optimal wellness, Fitzgerald is well aware of the importance of establishing goals and realizes the hard work and determination that goes into achieving those goals.

“Setting and achieving goals is essential to the outcome of your future. If you’re looking to turn your vision of the future into reality, setting goals and working the process to achieve them is essential. I’m honored that the United Way asked me speak at their annual campaign Kickoff. I admire the work that the United Way does and their dedication to helping those in need in Oswego and the surrounding communities,” said Fitzgerald.

Novelis and its workforce are long-time supporters of the United Way and have consistently been able to reach their goals for their employee campaigns for the United Way.

Dillabough has been an integral part of Novelis’ employee campaigns for many years and realizes that the success of their campaigns plays an important role in ensuring the overall wellness of Oswego County.

She credits teamwork as the key to achieving their goals.

“We call ourselves ‘One Novelis.’ We support the United Way of Oswego County’s theme of Live United as we are united in the goals we set. We have department teams that compete with each other, but it is the ultimate goal of Novelis’ Oswego Works to meet and surpass all previous goals set as one organization, united with this cause. Currently Novelis’ Oswego Works goal for the campaign is $75,000 but we have already started to organize fundraisers to help surpass that goal. Novelis’ Oswego Works is proud to continue its relationship with such a worthy organization as United Way of Oswego County. As this year was my first time on an Allocation Committee, I personally have gained more respect for the hard work and commitment that our United Way and its representatives have,” she said.

Trexler praised Fitzgerald and Dillabough for their achievements and for their support of the United Way.

“We are fortunate to have Chris and Carol as our keynote speakers. Their expertise and insight on achieving our goals and challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be will help get our annual campaign off to an inspirational start,” said Trexler.

Open to the public, the campaign Kickoff will also provide the opportunity for community members to get to know their United Way better, learn more about its member agencies, and the many programs that the United Way helps support.

“We hope to impress upon the community that their support matters and help them gain a better understanding of the reasons why the United Way of Greater Oswego County raises funds and the positive impact that those funds have on their friends and neighbors right here in Oswego County. By supporting our annual campaign they are helping the United Way and our member agencies improve the overall wellness of Oswego County,” added Trexler.

The cost to attend the breakfast is $12 per person. It will be held Sept. 15 at the American Foundry.

For more information or to make reservations, contact Lois Luber at 593-1900 or via e-mail at [email protected]