United Way Campaign Chair Up To The Challenge

Jonathan Daniels
Jonathan Daniels

Fulton, NY – When United Way Board member, Jonathan Daniels, executive director of the Port of Oswego Authority, was asked to serve as the chairperson for the United Way’s Campaign Cabinet he found it to be a decision that was easy to make. Having served as a member of last year’s Campaign Cabinet and being involved with past campaigns for the United Way of Eastern Maine, Daniels was well aware of the importance of the role of chairperson and was happy to accept the challenge and help make the United Way’s 2009 / 2010 campaign a success.

“The United Way provides much needed support to so many entities that provide vital services to those in need in Oswego County. It is an honor to be able to serve with the Campaign Cabinet and the United Way staff in this capacity and I am looking forward to the kick-off of this year’s campaign,” said Daniels.

The United Way’s Annual Campaign will officially get underway with a very special Kick-Off Breakfast to be held Wednesday, September 9th from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. at the American Foundry, 246 West Seneca Street in Oswego.

Executive Director of the United Way of Greater Oswego County, Melanie Trexler, said Daniels and the other members of the Campaign Cabinet have been working diligently to ensure that the United Way’s Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast is an enlightening and inspiring event that will provide community members with a better understanding of the positive impact the United Way has on Oswego County. “Our Campaign Cabinet is excited about this year’s campaign and are dedicated to achieving our goals. They are looking forward to sharing their enthusiasm for the United Way and encouraging others to support our mission of improving lives by empowering our community,” she said.

Daniels sees this year’s campaign as one of the most challenging and one of the most significant campaigns in the agency’s history. “The Kick-Off Breakfast is the starting point for what may very well be the most important campaign the United Way has ever had. These trying economic times have put many of our neighbors in dire need. We need to step up and set the stage for an exciting campaign. This is the time for a call to service. We will use our Kick-Off Breakfast to announce our goal and inspire the community to help us reach that goal,” said Daniels.

The United Way’s Annual Campaign serves as the organizations primary fundraiser as the campaign looks to raise money in support of the many human services programs that the United Way and its member agencies provide for those who live in Oswego County. Daniels said that the Campaign Cabinet has put together an enlightening and informative event that will provide community members with the opportunity to learn more about the mission of the United Way.

“The Kick-Off Breakfast will be the first step in a campaign that will reach out to more community members than ever before,” said Daniels. “Our Campaign Cabinet is 100% committed to making this campaign a success. Throughout this campaign we will be addressing as many business and individuals as possible to tell the story of the United Way and the positive impact that it has on the quality of life in Oswego County. While past campaigns have seen success, we are looking to bring this year’s campaign to new heights.”

Daniels noted that last year’s United Way campaign received financial support from approximately 4,500 individuals, while that number is impressive, it represents less than 5% of the population of Oswego County. “There is room for improvement. We will be working to not only maintain last year’s donors but to broaden that base and increase the number of donors. We also want to impress upon our donors that increasing their contribution as little as fifty cents a week can have a tremendous impact as that would add approximately $117,000 to our campaign total, added Daniels.”

“We invite community members to join us for the United Way Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast and learn more about the United Way and how their donations to the campaign make a difference in the quality of life in Oswego County,” added Trexler. The cost to attend the event is $15.00. For more information, or to make reservations to attend the United Way Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast, contact Mary Tetro at your United Way office, 593-1900 or via e-mail at [email protected]