United Way Kicks Off 2019 Campaign

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OSWEGO – The United Way of Greater Oswego County kicked off its annual campaign on Wednesday at The American Foundry in Oswego.
This year’s theme, “We live united – United we live,” reminds everyone that we stand together as a community for the betterment of all of Oswego County, Patrick Dewine, executive director, told the large crowd.
Lexie Wallace, resource development director, speaks to the crowd Wednesday. Seated behind her are president of the board Clark Stanton, center, and Patrick Dewine, executive director,
Lexie Wallace, resource development director, speaks to the crowd Wednesday. Seated behind her are president of the board Clark Stanton, center, and Patrick Dewine, executive director,

During recent out-reach campaigns at various workplaces, by a show of hands he asked people how many had heard of the United Way. Many hands were raised.

Then he asked if they knew what the United Way does. Many of the hands went down.
“That feedback served as a platform for this year’s campaign to be intentionally educational by helping our current and potential donors realize what their donor dollars do,” he explained. “This year’s message is simple. When united, donor dollars provide assistance to every age in every corner of Oswego County. Individual contributions paired with a county-wide engagement create a much greater and lasting impression than any of us can ever imagine.”
The three major areas of the campaign are: helping children and youth succeed, health and well being, and ending hunger.
The United Way didn’t set a specific goal for the campaign.
“By providing you these educational tools and information this morning our goal is to make it easier for you to share our message and the importance of engagement and impact to every potential donor,” Dewine said.
Clark Stanton, president of the board, from Oswego Valley Insurance, recognized all those who are working together to enhance the community.
“If you sit back and look at the name ‘United Way,’ they key word is ‘United.’ We have all these folks sitting here who have given up their morning and their time throughout the year to come together and help our community,” he said. “There are a lot of folks here doing different things to help the community and United Way. It’s really exciting to see people coming together; especially in times when there are so many divisive things out there.”
Lexi Wallace, the United Way’s Resource Development Director, said the three main pieces that they want people to take away from the campaign are:
• United Way programs serve people of every age
• Partner agencies reach every corner of the county
• Contributions of any amount really do make a difference.
“This year, what we’re really looking to do is harness the word of mouth,” she said to a room full of “advocates” and “supporters.”
She encouraged everyone to go out and share information about the United Way with their family and friends and everybody else.
“Talk about the United Way. Bring it up in conversations to show what you know and why you support the United Way,” she said.
The United Way also supports the non-emergency phone number 2-1-1, Dewine said. It is a data base that offers information about health and human services within Oswego County.
For more information, go to:
They will unveil information regarding the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constraint Employed) Project in the next few weeks, he added.
This is the start of the United Way’s new campaign. It runs until United Way’s annual meeting in March.
Some groups will start their campaigns now; others may start next week while some get going in December.
You don’t have to donate through your work. Individuals may also donate to the United Way.
The United Way of Greater Oswego County is its own entity. It’s one of 1,800 United Ways worldwide.
There are 31 programs currently under the United Way umbrella.
For more information, call 315-593-1900.