United Way Thanks SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – SUNY Oswego is to be commended for their efforts on behalf of the United Way of Greater Oswego County.  The relationship we have fostered with SUNY Oswego has led to a wonderful collaboration that has had a positive impact on programs that the United Way supports and, more importantly, on the people those programs serve.

From the many fundraisers that SUNY Oswego’s Athletic Department and Professor Tina Pieraccini have spearheaded, to the tremendous support we receive from their SEFA committee, SUNY Oswego has proven to be a true community leader.

The efforts of Athletic Director, Tim Hale and his staff, as well as Women’s Ice Hockey Head Coach, Diane Dillon, Men’s Ice Hockey Head Coach, Ed Gosek, and their players are remarkable. They have always been there when we needed them and many times have provided us with a pleasant surprise by taking the initiative to develop and implement special events such as food drives to benefit food pantries for our agency partners and United Way nights to help raise awareness of the work that United Way does for the people of Oswego County.

The driving force behind this collaboration is SUNY Oswego President, Deborah Stanley.  Her appreciation of the United Way and the affect that our member agencies have on the quality of life in Oswego County is demonstrated through her support of the projects that SUNY Oswego does on behalf of the United Way.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to the employees of SUNY Oswego for all that they do for their community through the United Way!

Melanie Trexler, Executive Director
United Way of Greater Oswego County