United Way Welcomes New Board Members

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FULTON, NY – President of the Board of Directors for the United Way of Greater Oswego County, John Scardella, announced the agency recently welcomed four new community members to its board: Christy Huynh of SUNY Oswego; Queenie O’Neil-Sands, Gary Mashaw of Oswego County Opportunities; and Brian Finn of Entergy Nuclear Northeast.

Huynh, the assistant director of student advisement at SUNY Oswego, has worked on the SEFA / United Way Campaign at SUNY Oswego for the past four years.  She is well aware of the United Way’s mission and the impact that the agency has on quality of life in Oswego County.

President of the board of directors for the United Way of Greater Oswego County, John Scardella welcomes the newest members of the United Way’s Board of Directors. From left are Brian Finn of Entergy Nuclear; Scardella; Christy Huynh of SUNY Oswego; and Gary Mashaw of Oswego County Opportunities. Absent from the photo is Queenie O’Neil-Sands.“I believe in the mission of the United Way,” said Huynh. “I have seen first hand how important United Way funded organizations are to this community. These organizations transform lives and make a lasting impact.”

O’Neil-Sands spent her entire career in higher learning as an assistant in the president’s office at SUNY Oswego.

Upon retiring from SUNY she served as director of the United Way’s Success By 6 Program from June of ’07 to December ’08.

“I have been a supporter of the United Way all of my working years,” she said. “I had been assisted in my early years by one of the United Way’s member agencies and have been an advocate ever since.”

Mashaw, has been a member of OCO’s Transportation Division since 1979, serving as director since 2006.

He has been involved with the United Way for many years and has also had the opportunity to see firsthand the vital role that the United Way plays in Oswego County.

“I am well aware of the United Way’s support of various human service providers and the wonderful things that it has done to assist in meeting community needs. The United Way was very instrumental in the development of the Oswego County Transportation Coalition. Their efforts have helped the coalition identify existing transportation issues and has played an important role in the coalition’s efforts to improve public passenger transportation barriers,” said Mashaw.

Finn, director of nuclear safety assurance at Entergy Nuclear, recently moved to Oswego County from New Hampshire.

A long time supporter of the United Way, Finn is happy to have the opportunity to serve his community as a United Way board member.

“Serving on the United Way’s board of directors gives me the opportunity to get acquainted with the community. I was involved with the United Way for many years when I lived in New Hampshire.  Participating in the United Way’s allocations process is a rewarding experience, being a Board member is a personal growth experience,” said Finn.

“We are happy to welcome these talented individuals to our board of directors,” said Scardella. “They are passionate about the United Way’s mission of improving lives by empowering the community and are committed to helping the United Way achieve that mission.”

The United Way provides funding for more than 30 human services programs that administered through the United Way’s member agencies.

From children to seniors United Way funded programs serve thousands of families and individuals throughout Oswego County.

“I am excited to be part of such a wonderful organization,” said Huynh.  “I want to continue to heighten awareness about the needs in the community and how people can be part of the solution through advocacy, financial support and volunteering.  Our community, like all communities, is made vibrant when every member becomes actively engaged.  Supporting the United Way is one great way to become engaged in the community and make a difference in the lives of others.  I am proud to have the opportunity to serve on the United Way’s board of directors.”

Mashaw sees his role as a United Way board member as an important service to the community.

“The partnership and collaboration that the community receives from the United Way is vitally important to assist in making our communities stronger.  I feel my active role on the United Way Board of Directors is more than a critical role in seeing the organization excelling, it’s being in a collaborative partnership, advocating for those in need. I assure you that the United Way will continue to meet the demanding needs within our county through the support of our stronger resources,” he said.

For O’Neil-Sands the opportunity to serve as a United Way board member was something she couldn’t pass up.

“I was delighted to be asked to join the United Way board. We as responsible citizens are given the opportunity to assist those in need. Supporting the United Way allows us to make our hard-earned dollars count because it reaches those organizations that are in the most need. For me I was a natural segue to overseeing and maintaining a working relationship with Success By 6. My being on the board allows me to continue to give something back to my community and of course, Success By 6 is so near and dear to my heart, I’m having fun in the process,” she said.

“The efforts of the United Way are essential for Oswego County.  Through the good work of its member agencies, the United Way touches every aspect of our community and assist the citizens in so many ways,” added O’Neil-Sands.

Looking forward, Finn anticipates a growing need for the United Way’s services.

“The United Way provides services and resources that are vital to our community.  As the need for these services continues to grow we will have to increase our fund raising efforts and level of service to meet these challenging times,” said Finn.

In addition to their new roles as United Way board members Huynh, Mashaw and O’Neil-Sands are active community members with Huynh serving on the board of directors for the Hall Newman Center and as an advisor for the SUNY Oswego Habitat for Humanity Chapter.

She resides in New Haven with her husband, Michael, and their daughter, Thi.

Mashaw is a member of the New York Public Transit Association’s board of directors as well as the New York Rural Transportation Assistance Program Advisory Committee, the National Management Association, and the Oswego County Transportation Coalition.

A father of two and grandfather of four, he and his wife reside in Granby.

O’Neil-Sands serves as a board member for the Oswego Salvation Army and assists with projects for both the Oswego County Historical Society and the Oswego Heritage Foundation.

She resides in Mexico with her husband, Jim; the couple has one son, Ryan, and are proud grandparents of two.

Finn, who currently resides in New Hampshire, will be relocating to Oswego County this summer with his wife and their two children.

“Christy, Queenie, Gary and Brian will be excellent additions to our board,” added Scardella.  “Their concern for our community and enthusiasm about serving on the board and taking on new challenges will help keep our board energized and focused on achieving our goals and taking the United Way of Greater Oswego County to an even higher level of success in the future.”

For more information on the United Way of Greater Oswego County or its member agencies, call 598-1900.