United Wire Technologies Expands After Fire

A fire on May 6 destroyed United Wire Technologies’ building in Cleveland.

With determination and the willingness to put in long hours, they were back in production in a temporary space by early July.

From left are: Don Ransom, Mike Ransom, Oswego County Legislator Ronald Sakonyi, Constantia Town Supervisor Charles Gilkey and Jim Ransom.
From left are: Don Ransom, Mike Ransom, Oswego County Legislator Ronald Sakonyi, Constantia Town Supervisor Charles Gilkey and Jim Ransom.

Soon they will relocate to a newly renovated, 14,400 sf facility in Constantia.

The owners, Jim Ransom and his sons, Mike and Don, expect to be in full-production at the new facility by mid-December.

The formerly vacant building is ideal because of its length.

The space is larger than their old space and its length will allow them to place the equipment logically for processing wire.

They also have additional land, giving them the option of expanding further at a later date.

Don Ransom said, “In the past, we have been asked to expand our line of products. Now, we are in a position to consider these ideas.”

Great care was taken in the design of the new space.

The building includes locker rooms for the workers, a conference room and storage.

The loading dock is equipped with a ramp and a lift that can be raised or lowered to match the height of the bed on the truck unloading.

Measures have also been taken to make the space green.

The insulation will exceed code.

The equipment will generate enough heat that the insulation can keep inside and reduce the energy costs to heat the building.

They have also selected state-of-the-art equipment that runs quietly, reducing noise pollution.

Rather than store tanks of hydrogen for the annealing process, they will now generate their own.

The system is an on-demand system that stores no more than a pint of hydrogen, which is a safety factor due to the flammability of hydrogen.

There is a quality control clean room that is kept at optimum temperature and humidity, where the wire will be hermetically sealed in packages for shipment.

This prevents oxidation on the wire.

On October 18, Constantia Town Supervisor Charles Gilkey and Oswego County Legislator Ronald Sakonyi visited the new facility to see how it’s progressing.

Gilkey said, “We are glad to have (United Wire Technologies) in (Constantia). It’s good for the municipality and for business. I want to thank the Ransoms.”

Gilkey went on to say, “There are many people who helped accelerate the process, allowing
United Wire to move forward quickly on this project. I would like to thank Michael Treadwell, Austin Wheelock and Dave Dano of Operation Oswego County, Robert McNamara and Chuck Williams of the Town of Constantia Planning Board, Dave Turner of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning, the NYS DOT and National Grid.”

L. Michael Treadwell, executive director of Operation Oswego County and CEO of the County of Oswego IDA, noted that “minimizing down time was critical for the company and assisting them in locating a building in close proximity to their former plant has resulted in an optimal long term outcome for the company and the community.”

The Ransoms are proud of the fact that they have used local companies and local labor during the renovation of their new facility.

They are equally proud of having local people employed at United Wire Technologies and plan to continue to hire locally.

The $1.2 million project will retain eight jobs and create six jobs.

Funding assistance was provided by the County of Oswego IDA.

For more information about United Wire Technologies, call (315)675-3558 or visit

For more information about economic development services in Oswego County, call Operation Oswego County at (315)343-1545 or visit www.oswegocounty.org