‘Unsung Heroes’ To Be Recognized

FULTON, NY – The Friends of History annual celebration dinner will be held November 2 at the Fulton Polish Home beginning at 6 p.m.

This year we will be honoring three of our ‘Unsung Heroes.’

We are pleased to announce Carrie Butler, Rosemary Cook and Alec Seymour have been selected to receive the Elma J. Smith Award.

This award is presented to an individual whose life and works demonstrate a commitment to the mission and objectives of the Friends of History.

Each of the recipients has spent countless hours promoting and working for the Friends of History and is well-deserving of this honor.

Butler is a former director of Friends of History and has served as chairman of the Accession Committee for many years. She could be found every Thursday afternoon working on the donations, putting an ID number on each item and ensuring that the accession information is complete and filed. Genealogy is another passion of Carrie’s and often helps people search out family information from our records.

Cook has held many roles over the years.  As a member of the board of directors, she has served as secretary, treasures and co-president. She was on the committee for the first silent auction and continued on the committee for many years. Other committees that Rosemary served on were house tours, festive dinner and garage sales. Rosemary has always enjoyed her volunteer work at the Pratt House.

Seymour was a member of the board of directors and served a term as president of the board. He is currently head of maintenance and exhibit chairman. Alec always enjoys doing things for Friends of History because he feels it is very important to remember our history and to make it available to the public, both old and young. His love of the Pratt House is very apparent as Alec leads tours.

Gary Bevacqua will again cater the event.

Many delicious dishes will be served from various stations around the room.

There will be 50/50 drawings throughout the evening, a drawing for a “lottery tree,” and a drawing for a basket of gift certificates.

Entertainment will be provided by the Kinlough Dance studio.

For further information please contact the Pratt House at 598-4616.