UPDATE: District Responds To Threat At G. Ray Bodley High School, Search Yields No Findings



Superintendent of Schools Brian Pulvino has indicated that a search brought forth no findings after a student at G. Ray Bodley High School was alleged to have made a threatening statement.

According to Pulvino, the threat was initially made yesterday though it went unreported until 8:15 this morning (March 9.)

While the comment was originally made to one student, the information quickly evolved through multiple students until one student reported the information received via a text message to school administration.

Pulvino said the student made a threatening comment in regards to bringing a weapon to school with the intent to cause harm.

“The student in question was located and out of class within five minutes,” Pulvino said, at which time the district’s response was already in full effect ensuring students remain safe and secure in classrooms while a search of the student’s locker and the school took place.

Ultimately, the search yielded no findings.

By 9:30 a.m., GRB administration had sent out a correspondence to parents of high school students and by 10:30 a.m. a district wide notice was sent to parents of any student in Fulton City School District following a strong commitment to communicating accurate information, Pulvino said.

“We are constantly looking at how we can most efficiently provide information regarding our students as quick but as accurately as possible,” Pulvino said.

This morning’s incident followed a similar incident yesterday at the district’s Junior High School, though the two were “110%, completely unrelated,” Pulvino emphasized.

At 8:19 a.m. yesterday (March 8) a student at the Fulton Junior High School reported finding bullets in the toilet of one of the school’s bathrooms.

Immediately initiating response to keep students safe and secure in classrooms, district and building administration along with the school resource officer reviewed film to target students that had used the bathroom in which the bullets were located.

“The first student we questioned actually came forward and explained that he had been target shooting with his father and realized he had left the bullets in his pocket. He got scared and panicked, and decided to try to flush them,” Pulvino explained.

The student’s parents did verify the student’s story of target practice, he added.

However, the two students involved in both incidents will face repercussions.

“We have our code of conduct and we will follow it to the letter,” Pulvino said.

Students at G. Ray Bodley will continue to be monitored throughout the school day and in keeping with clear and accurate communication, Pulvino said high school students will be meeting with building administrators during school hours to guarantee they have received accurate information and are ensured of their safety.

Additionally, debriefings for staff at each building of the district will also occur.

Original Story Below

FULTON, NY – Superintendent of Schools for the Fulton City School District, Brian Pulvino issued an important notice to all parents of students within the district regarding an incident at one of the schools this morning (March 9.)

G. Ray Bodley High School administration was informed by a student at 8:15 a.m. this morning that another student at GRB made an alleged threatening statement about initiating harm to others at the school,” the letter detailed.

While the exact nature of the threat is not disclosed, Pulvino ensured all students were kept safe and under supervision while the incident was investigated.

Response to the incident involved the school resource officer, administrative and teaching personnel, and support staff.

A thorough search of the school was conducted though the letter does not indicate whether anything was found.

The student who allegedly made the threat was immediately located and brought to the office to remain with administration and the school resource officer.

Pulvino was unavailable for comment as of 11 a.m. as he was out of the office to handle matters at the high school.

Check back for more details surrounding this incident as they become available.

A copy of the letter issued to parents including contact information for Superintendent Pulvino can be found on the district’s website.

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  1. After my daughter returned home from school yesterday with rumors of bullets (and an alleged gun) having been discovered in the Fulton Junior High school, I immediately contacted the main office for confirmation, but the receptionist laughed and assured me that the rumors were simply that–just rumors. Now I’m reading this contradictory article online. Student safety and parental communication are clearly not a priority to these people. They’re only concerned with their legal accountability.

    I also never received a “district wide notice” by 10:30 a.m. (or any time for that matter), that was supposedly sent “to parents of any student in Fulton City School District.” This is irresponsible reporting by either the School District.

  2. In regards to the district wide notice, emails were sent to parents around the 10:30 a.m. time frame. As a parent to an elementary student in the district, I received the notice around 10:45 a.m. on my personal email. It was also posted to the district website at this time.

  3. I would like to remind parents to update any changes to their contact info as soon as it changes. This year we have received many calls, emails about issues at the school, this listing students names. Only thing is we don’t have any kids in school anymore. We do have new phone numbers though!

  4. I never received an email this morning but was notified by a friend. I later called the high school since I am always receiving emails for one thing or another. First off I was thanked for letting them know and not being completely upset by it, they were not sure what happened if I already receive emails. Also asked if I could call tomorrow their computers were down and make sure with the counseling office that they have my correct email. Although I know they do I will make that phone call.

  5. Parent of a Fulton Jr. High and elementary student here. I received yesterday’s email at 2:33 pm, and today’s at 10:45 am, for my Jr. High student. Both my husband and I also received a call at about 3:45 pm today for our elementary student. Not the fault of the district if you did not receive them.

  6. I am a parent of a one of the high school students and they did find stuff. The students seen the officer with a evidence bad and my high school student was very upset. The high school has both my phone number and email along with my husbands but they never called instead sent a email and if you aren’t on the computer checking your email all day long you don’t get them in time. The call for everything else why not for this. So yes it is the districts fault. They are lying to everyone to cover their own backsides. Fulton city school district is a big joke. They only care about themselves not the children in their school.

  7. with how advanced technology is, maybe the school district should come up with an alternate way to notify families. for example, maybe an app wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the fulton city school district and if any emergency alerts should arise, they could be sent out through the app or possible connect with a news organization that already has an app. just an idea…

  8. There are thousands of kids in school and not every parent is going to be able to “read their email” at the appropriate times. Perhaps a website that you are responsible to read throughout the day with updates would be more appropriate. The school district DOES care about their students and employees and their safety. There are always rumors and I believe an updated website for each school would be a much easier way to control rumors and keep you informed of “situations”.

  9. I can’t believe that the day this kid for got the bullets in his pocket. Then the next day a kid in the high school w a gun. I am sorry this is crazy and on top of this coming from a mother of a student that goes to the high school in Fulton if I call and SOMEONE laughs at me I will be in the school and talking to someone

  10. Star you should make sure your phone numbers are updated. As I stated, both my husband and I received phone call, not just emails, on our cell phones alerting us, and we don’t even have students in the high school. They did call everyone (or attempted to. If it did not go through that is not their fault) as others and myself have attested. So, again, no, not the school’s fault.

  11. I have a child in the elementary school, and I found out through Syracuse.com. The school district DOES have the phone numbers of both me and my wife and neither of us received a phone call. However, I do always receive a call when there is a BOE meeting or a Two-hour delay/school closing. So to those of you that received notifications don’t project fault on the part of the parents that did not receive the message. Clearly the notification system isn’t very efficient. As a parent it would have been nice to know that there was an issue regardless.

  12. There are some very good comments here. I would say those that have a concern should attend the next school board meeting and express those concerns. If you don’t they won’t know. Those that feel incidents were handled properly should also go a meeting and give a comment on your support. It is your school board and your school district. Go to the meeting.

  13. I work at the High School. to the child that stated ‘they seen the officer with a gun in evidence bag’ is mistaken they never found a gun.

  14. I feel that the response to the situation was swift and adequate. I received the email and was satisfied with it and the outcome. Rumors get out of control and people need to not further spread fear by posting things that are factually untrue here (i.e. the poster that said something about a gun).

  15. Parents need to educate themselves on how to receive email on their phones. That way you can get school notices anywhere you are. You don’t need a computer anymore to check email! Just ask anyone at a local AT&T store and I bet they can help.

  16. The words “school” and “gun”, when put together, stir up strong emotions and add fuel to the rumor mill. Thanks to the SafeAct, illegal possession of an unloaded gun and possession of a firearm on school grounds or a school went from misdemeanors to a Class E felonies.

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