UPK Students Get to Know Mrs. Damiano, the Most Recent “Star of the Week”

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Students in Lisa Balles’ Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program at Michael A. Maroun Elementary (MAM) in Phoenix continue to learn about many things in preparation for the coming kindergarten year.

In an effort to help ease the transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten has implemented the “Star of the Week”. The “Star of the Week” is a staff member at the school that the UPK children will be encountering next year as full time kindergarteners.

Recently selected as “Star of the Week” was Kelly Damiano; a kindergarten teacher at MAM.

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Lisa Balles, the teacher in the Pre-K program said, “We believe that this will give them [the Pre-K students] an opportunity to meet these individuals in the school, and hopefully ease their fears about coming to kindergarten because they will have already met many of the teachers that they will have.”

Applications for the 2008-2009 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program at MAM are now available for those parents interested in enrolling their child. Interested parties can call Maroun Elementary School at 695-1561 for an application or questions. All applications must be returned to Maroun Elementary no later than June 9th.

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