Upper Level of Midtown Plaza’s parking closed for renovations

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Thomas W. Gillen announced that the upper level of the Midtown Plaza parking garage, located on East Bridge Street between East First and East Second streets, has been closed as of today’s date (Dec. 5) for renovations.

The upper level of the Midtown Plaza parking garage will remain closed until further notice, the mayor said.

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  1. In case you care what your constituents think, my vote would be to tear it down. It was wrong from the start, I heard. It was suppose to be behind the stores, not in front. What about purchasing the lot at Price Chopper (the closed one) and just starting over?

    I have felt that there might be human injury (not just auto), so I appreciate this is being looked at. But take a look at the infrastructure. The ‘structure’ is in serious disrepair, and has long outlived it’s life for that sort of construction (metal in Oswego winters, never a good mix). In Syracuse a lot of parking garages were done over and over in the time we’ve allowed ours to stand.

    If you provide parking near the shoppes, those poor businesses won’t have to suffer (too much).

    Two cents. Thanks for listening.


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