Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition Applauds Gov. Cuomo For Implementation Of CES That Keeps Nuclear Plants Operating

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OSWEGO, NY – Today (Aug. 1), the Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition, a group representing hundreds of business, education and labor leaders throughout upstate and central New York, released the following statement in response to the implementation of the Clean Energy Standard (CES), a measure that mandates that 50 percent of all electricity consumed in New York by 2030 come from clean and renewable energy sources.

The nuclear provision which was included as a part of the CES will help save upstate nuclear facilities Ginna, Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick through the creation of a first of its kind zero emissions credit for the carbon-free power that they produce.

Please see the statement below from L. Michael Treadwell, CEO of the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency and UEJ member:

“Today’s implementation of the CES is a momentous day for the state of New York, and more specifically, the upstate communities that have waited anxiously for months for this moment.

Thousands of voices weighed in, and the state listened: in supporting our upstate nuclear facilities, the state is sending a clear message that it recognizes the enormous economic value that these plants bring, including nearly 25,000 jobs, $3.16 billion to state gross domestic product and $144 million in local and state revenue.

Our communities across upstate and central New York, areas that are already struggling economically, simply could not afford to have these plants close, and we are grateful to be able to continue to rely upon these plants for all of their contributions.

We applaud Governor Cuomo and the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) for their commitment to ensuring upstate nuclear facilities remain in operation, and their acknowledgement of the fact that the benefits of keeping these plants open far outweigh the costs.

As a result of the hard work by the Governor and the PSC, the CES will not only help solidify New York as a clean energy leader, but also ensure the upstate economy thrives well into the future.

It is rare these days that a state and an administration has the strength to push forward and act on such challenging issues.

Thankfully, New York has always been a trailblazer, and today’s implementation of the CES is no exception.”

About Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition

Upstate Energy Jobs (UEJ) is a growing coalition of more than 130 upstate New York elected representatives, business leaders, members of organized labor, education institutions, economic development organizations and community leaders who are leading efforts to raise awareness among policymakers of the importance of keeping upstate New York’s nuclear energy plants open.

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