Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition Comments On Challenge To CES

OSWEGO, NY – The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition, a group representing hundreds of community, education and labor leaders throughout upstate and central New York, today (Oct. 19) released the following statement in response to the federal legal challenge to the Clean Energy Standard (CES.)

“Today’s challenge to the Clean Energy Standard does not take away from the thousands of people across the State of New York who support the measure, and support nuclear energy for the carbon-free energy it produces,” said Gary Toth, vice chair of the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency and UEJ member: “This lawsuit, filed by gas, oil and coal generators, is blatantly putting specific business interests ahead of what is best for New York.”

“We cannot overstate enough that the CES is critical to New York meeting its ambitious carbon-cutting goals, which are part of a larger national objective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The CES is also vital to New York’s economic health. Specifically, the provision in the CES that supports nuclear energy plants is a lifesaver in upstate and central New York. In the absence of upstate nuclear plants, we stand to lose 25,000 jobs and $144 million in annual tax revenue,” he continued. ” For our environment, the loss would be just as grim; these plants prevent 16 million tons of carbon emissions from being released into the air. Lastly, the clear fact is that without these nuclear plants, New Yorkers will face rising energy costs totaling $1.7 billion more each year across the state.”

“We are hopeful that the court will give this lawsuit priority and resolve it in a manner that is consistent with the law and the best interests of New York,” he concluded.

About Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition

Upstate Energy Jobs is a growing coalition of more than 130 upstate New York elected representatives, business leaders, members of organized labor, education institutions, economic development organizations and community leaders who are leading efforts to raise awareness among policymakers of the importance of keeping upstate New York’s nuclear energy plants open.

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