Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition Releases Statement On Alliance For A Green Economy Report

OSWEGO, NY – The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition, a group representing more than 130 business, education and labor leaders throughout upstate and CNY, released the following statement in response to a study released by Alliance for a Green Economy.

Please see the statement below from L. Michael Treadwell, CEO of the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency and UEJ member:

For more than a year now, we have heard opposition groups voice disapproval of the Clean Energy Standard’s nuclear provision. The study released Monday (Feb. 13) is no different and, more importantly, unsubstantiated.

This particular group of anti-nuclear activists claims to be on the side of conservation and energy efficiency, but its recent actions make it appear otherwise. In fact, their proposal will benefit carbon-emitting, higher-cost fossil facilities to the detriment of consumers, the local economy, and human health.

To completely meet the 50% by 2030 renewable goal, by replacing all upstate nuclear facilities and Indian Point in 2020 and 2021 with 100% renewable sources of electrical generation, is not realistic or economically responsible in the next decade.

The truth is that upstate nuclear plants – Ginna, Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick – produce clean, carbon free energy for our state and help avoid 16 million tons of carbon emissions annually, according to a Brattle Group study.

Moreover, our upstate plants help keep electricity prices low for all New Yorkers.  Without our upstate nuclear facilities, consumers would pay an average of $1.7 billion annually and almost $15 billion in the next ten years as found by the study.  In other words, they are critical resources for our entire New York State infrastructure from an economic and environmental perspective now and well into the end of the next decade.

The nuclear provision is not a subsidy or a bailout.

It is an investment in our state’s clean energy transition. It has been proven that the benefits of the CES far outweigh its costs.

A recent Brattle Group cost analysis found that over the longer term, Tier 3 will account for more than half of the CES’s carbon reduction benefits, while it will incur only about one fifth of the program’s cost.

If the state is truly committed to climate mitigation, its balanced plan to further develop more renewable resources in a realistic timeframe, coupled with maintenance of existing upstate nuclear facilities, is a rational and responsible approach.

The facts are clear.

Governor Cuomo and the Public Service Commission deserve our continued support as the CES reaps numerous benefits for New York State.

About Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition

Upstate Energy Jobs is a growing coalition of more than 130 upstate New York elected representatives, business leaders, members of organized labor, education institutions, economic development organizations and community leaders who are leading efforts to raise awareness among policymakers of the importance of keeping upstate New York’s nuclear energy plants open.

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