Upstate Energy Jobs’ Letter Delivered To Governor

FitzPatrick sign

OSWEGO, NY – On Thursday (Jan. 7), Upstate Energy Jobs delivered the enclosed letter to Governor Cuomo.

We are grateful for the level of attention the Governor has applied to the Upstate nuclear generation crisis, said L. Michael Treadwell, CEcD, Chief Executive Officer, County of Oswego IDA.

We are confident that a solution under Governor Cuomo’s leadership can be achieved and we look forward to following up with such solution and supporting those efforts.

We are not done accepting signatories and plan to send the Governor updates as our coalition grows.

If you would like to be added as a signatory, please send your name, title and company/affiliation via email to [email protected]

Warm regards in the New Year.

Governor Cuomo,

Help Us Fight for Upstate Energy Jobs and the Future of Nuclear Power.

Upstate New York produces two-thirds of New York’s power supply, but only uses one-third of the state’s power. Upstate New York has the ability and desire to produce the power New Yorkers need, but the future of energy generation in the area is in peril. New York State needs New York power.

Upstate New York’s hotels, restaurants, schools, food markets, banks and families are all now living with terrifying uncertainty, as one of the region’s largest economic engines is about to go silent.

Entergy has announced the company intends to close its James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba even though it has been licensed by the NRC to operate for another 20 years.

With this plant’s closing, Upstate New York stands to lose 615 jobs at the plant, an additional 1,000 building tradesmen and skilled workers involved in refueling, maintenance and plant outages, as well as hundreds more good-paying jobs around the area—a devastating blow to a regional economy that’s already lagging behind the rest of the state.

The closure of James A. FitzPatrick would also severely jeopardize our state’s environmental goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% in the year 2030.

These losses will be compounded if other nuclear generating facilities, including Ginna and Nine Mile Point, continue to face the same pressures James A. FitzPatrick has endured.

Upstate New York’s four nuclear plants annually account for nearly 25,000 jobs, $3.16 billion GDP, $1.7 billion in electricity savings, $144 million in tax revenues, and 16 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided valued at $700 million – all for the benefit of New Yorkers.

We, the undersigned, urge you and state regulators to immediately act on the recently announced plans to utilize nuclear power as part of the state’s transition to clean energy, as well as solve the decades old regulatory and transmission issues that will help save Upstate New York’s clean energy jobs, James A. FitzPatrick, and all upstate nuclear generation.

Upstate New York needs good-paying jobs.

New York needs clean nuclear power.

Upstate New York needs action – Now!

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